365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 152/365 A Young Girl

Day 152/365

A Young Girl

From the anime Portable Kuukou, A Young Girl waits patiently until she gets a pass to use the "Portable Airport". Follow her as she wanders around it and looks at all the interesting people who are also using this unique airport.

Why I like her: I find her to be very stylish. I like the futuristic feel she gives off. It makes you wish you were right there along side for her adventures.

Why I hate her: No hate here.

Overall: This music video is one of 3 in this series about A Young Girl going on amazing futuristic adventures. Check the other 2 out as well, Space Station No. 9 (my favourite) and Soratobu Toshi Keikaku. Band group named Capsule made the music for these videos and they were produced by Studio Kajino, which is run by Studio Ghibli's president Toshio Suzuki.

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