365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 251/365 Celine Jules

Day 251/365

Celine Jules

From the anime Star Ocean EX, Celine Jules is a treasure hunter from the village of Mars. She meets up with Claude and Rena and decides to accompany them on their journey for the Sorcery Globe. She is a powerful wielder of magic and isn't afraid to use it at any given time.

Why I like her: She's one sexy lady. I love her interactions with all the other characters in the show. Especially teasing Claude and Rena about their growing romance. Her head piece is so odd yet super awesome. Oh and she has purple hair. If people haven't figured it out by now I love purple.

Why I hate her: She's very full of herself. Yes, that's part of her charm but holy, tone it down a tad.

Overall: Dunno if I'll ever bother playing the game. But the anime was entertaining enough.

Rena Lanford and Celine Jules doing what they do best. Being adorable.

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