366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 8/366 Strawberry Panic

Day 8/366

Nagisa, Amane, & Chikaru

Strawberry Panic solely takes place at 3 prestigious female-only academies known as St. Miator, Spica, and Lulim. They are all right next to each other on a hill and share a campus and dormitory. The girls that attend these school just can't keep their hands off each other!

Nagisa's uniform is a long black dress and very Gothic like. They have short fat dark green ties that I'm not very fond of but I do like the buttons that go all the way down the dress. The frilly slip that they wear under the dress is cute too since we get to see it. I completely hate the cuffs and the neckline because they just look too triangular or something.

Amane's uniform is nice and clean being all white with gray trimmings. There are buttons that go down the jacket and down the skirt too that I love. I also like that there are 2 different lengths of jacket that can be worn. They have an ugly sweater that is avaliable to wear as well. I think that the plaid bow tie is pretty cute but a tiny bit out of place. 

Chikaru's uniform is the most typical of all three looking like most other anime uniforms. Plaid dark pink skirt with a tan jacket or sweater. I like the dark pink shirts they have more than the jackets. They have this lovely criss cross action going on instead of buttons with a nice thin red bow. These uniforms are very childlike and my least favourite of the bunch.

Overall: Ehhh I'd wear Amane's lovely white uniform over the other 2 any day.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 71/365 Amane Ohtori

Day 71/365

Amane Ohtori

From the anime Strawberry Panic, Amane Ohtori is the most beloved St. Spica student because of her charm and manly appearance. She is mostly seen riding her horse which has gotten her the nickname "Prince".

Why I like her: She reminds me of a more gentile version of Utena. Quiet and polite, yet very strong willed and does whatever it takes to make those around her happy and safe.

Why I hate her: She was too quiet. She had to potential to be way more awesome than she ended up being.

Overall: Amane was the most exciting person in what was a pretty boring show for the most part. Tis a shame it wasn't about her more. It is definitely still one of the better yuri shows I have seen though.

Amane with the one she wishes to protect the most

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