365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 125/365 Princess Odette

Day 125/365

Princess Odette

From the anime Swan Lake, Princess Odette turns out to be a swan that just happens to have a crown on her head Prince Siegfried finds out one day as he randomly saw her in swan form. During the night she turns back into a human but by day she is a swan. She was put under a curse by the evil wizard Rothbart whom wants her for himself. The only way she can break the curse is to be loved by a man who truly loves her, with all his heart and soul.

Why I like her: She's a girly princess that turns into a swan. I really like swans even if they are angry birds for the most part. XD

Why I hate her: Where Karin Hanazono had no "Oh woe is me" act Odette had plenty of it. Then again what do you expect from a princess that can't do anything on her own?

Overall: If you saw The Swan Princess when you were a kid I'd highly suggest checking out Swan Lake for another entertaining take on the famous ballet.

Poor sad princess swan

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