366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 97/366 True Tears

Day 97/366

True Tears is one of those school romance love triangle anime.

This anime features 2 different school uniforms to make up for the boys being the same old all black uniform. The main girl uniform is this blue jumper dress with a long sleeved white shirt that has red stripes around the cuffs and collar. Instead of a bow tie they have a simple round gold pin. I adore this because it's just so different and makes this uniform really shine.

The other girl uniform is a little more plain but still quite lovely because the gray skirt looks really good with the black jacket in my opinion. Most other uniforms would have made them the same colour. I also like that instead of a red thin bow tie they went with a pale yellow one. This makes it stand out yet again from the norm of having red.

Overall: I'd wear either of these.

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