365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 293/365 Unico

Day 293/365


From the anime Unico, Unico is an awesome little unicorn with the ability to make anyone he meets super happy. Unfortunately The Gods do not like this and send him to the Hill of Oblivion. Luckily, one Goddess, West Wind, is on his side and she takes Unico to a safe place where The Gods can't harm him. Sadly The Gods of course find out about this and send another God to track poor Unico down. Now West Wind must constantly transport Unico to different locations when his pursuer gets close to capturing him.

Why I like him: He's a UNICORN! A happy fun loving magical UNICORN! What's NOT to like?

Why I hate him: Yeah, yeah he makes everyone happy... Yet that is just weird when he's looking sad. But I'd be sad too if I made friends everywhere I went and had to leave over and over again without saying goodbye. Not to mention not even being able to remember because my mind is wiped clean each time yet something keeps nagging me deep down inside...

Overall: Unicorns are awesome. Just one of the amazing works of Osamu Tezuka!

Poor Unico being taken away by West Wind yet again 🙁

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