365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 217/365 Karura

Day 217/365


From the anime Utawarerumono, Karura AKA Karurauatsuurei was once princess of Nan-Tunku before the Shakukoporu deposed her and placed a puppet leader at the head of the state. She is one of the last two Giriyaginas left alive on Earth. She joins Hakuoro's quest after she was found slaughtering those that were holding her captive.

Why I like her: She's fun and playful. Always ready with a drink in hand for battle. I like that while she cares about her country she knows she can no longer do anything for them thus going on her own way leaving her Karurauatsuurei name behind and claiming Karura as her real name living a new simple life.

Why I hate her: Didn't enjoy that she had a huge ass collar chain around her neck. Makes me think she was from a yaoi or something.

Overall: Fun show with really fun characters like Karura. My large dislike with the show is that it was quite obvious, while watching, that it was made from a video game.

Karura and Touka running along

Eruru with Karura sniffing out her drink

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