365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 110/365 Miyu

Day 110/365


From the anime Vampire Princess Miyu, Miyu is a vampire. Though she isn't a typical one with the typical weaknesses of a vampire as she can walk around in the daylight among other things that do not harm her. She is the daughter of both a human and a shinma because of this she was awakened as The Guardian whose destiny is to hunt down all stray shinma and send them back to the darkness. She has a companion that is like her own guardian named Larva.

Why I like her: I like how she picks her victims. It's like a bad person being good in a way. I generally don't like stories about vampires but Miyu was interesting as a show and a character. She was complex but nice and simple at the same time.

Why I hate her: For being such an interesting character she was still very empty. But that was one of her charms as well.

Overall: For what a good series about vampires is like check out Vampire Princess Miyu because I'm certain most people will fall in love with Miyu.

Miyu and Larva

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