Not so Secret Santa: Victorian Romance Emma

Today the Not so Secret Santa Project comes to an end. I hope you've all enjoyed these reviews as much as I enjoyed doing them! Victorian Romance Emma is the type of show I generally avoid. Romance, romance, and some drama tossed in for good measure. cassiesheepgirl however knows me well enough to have boldly suggested this anyway. I trust her judgment on most shows so I was willing to give this a chance too. She is me after all! 😉

Emma is a maid for a wealthy governess. One day William arrives at the household to visit Emma's governess, Mrs. Stowner, and instantly Emma and William fall in love. A classic love at first sight story. But Emma is just a maid where William is from a wealthy family. The two classes generally do not mix when it comes to love and possible marriage. So Emma and William will either have to work very hard to gain the acceptance of those around them or forever part ways.

My favourite side character of the series.

If realistic character designs and settings are your kind of thing Emma doesn't disappoint in that aspect. It was one of my favourite things about the show. Especially the eyes. They'll draw you in for sure with their beauty. William's did that to me greatly! The landscape was always something to stare at intently. So much detail. The OP was done in a very interesting way between seasons. Same song but a different tone for S2. It was pretty neat and I enjoyed that very much. I listened to the OP's and ED's everytime. The pacing in this series is super slow but honestly you don't notice it very much. The way the story is told it is almost needed to be done in this fashion. Even though it was slow everything moved along at just the right moments to still hold your interest which I thought was pretty great.

A true romance rival arrives!

Emma and William are completely adorable with their romantic story. S1 sets up everything perfectly then the drama hits by the end and more drama in S2! There is a recap special for the entire S1 if you need a refresher that was actually pretty good. Pointless if you are watching each season back to back (like I did) but I still appreciated it. Hakim the prince from India was a delightful character that brought some pretty good humour to the series when the drama got a little too heavy. Even when he himself was being serious it was still humorous. He also wanted to steel Emma to join his harem which was quite awesome to see William contend with. I really REALLY loved that he brought an ELEPHANT with him to London! Who does that? Who uses an elephant as a taxi to get around town?? An Indian prince does clearly!

William had another rival for Emma's love in S2 as well. Hans works for the Mölders that Emma ended up working for too when she left London at the end of S1. Hans is a grizzly type of a man but holds Emma dear to his heart even if he's not the greatest at showing it. I really enjoyed his character. I love men like that in anime! Emma wasn't the only one to have a love interest though. Eleanor who was from another well off family tried very hard to catch William's eye. It almost worked once Emma ran away from London too. Sometimes it was hard to tell if she was really in love with William or if the pressure from her family to marry another wealthy person just clouded her feelings into thinking she did. She is a pretty young girl after all.

If I was Emma I probably would have done things exactly the same way as she did!

Moving scene in S1

Best scene of the entire series in S2








True fans of romance owe it to themselves to watch this fantastic story.

* Story 8/10
* Animation 9/10
* Sound 9/10
* Characters 10/10
* Overall 9/10

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