Not so Secret Santa: Weiss Kreuz

Next for the Not so Secret Santa Project we have Weiss Kreuz. All 3 of them! I had been meaning to watch these for a while now but was never really in a bishie kind of mood. ADaysWithoutMe forced me to get into a bishie mood... I kinda don't want to see anymore bishies for a while... Unless it's a bishie that I'm actually interested in.

Ever wanted to watch a show about a bunch of male assassins that run a flower shop? Yeah me either honestly... That's all this show is. Pretty boys killing and being swooned over by high school girls. Of course they all have tragic pasts so there's always an emo moment or 2 (or a lot!) for us to feel sorry for them. If you feel like feeling sorry for them that is. I didn't, so I could have cared less about the main plot of this show.

Can't say I enjoyed any of the looks or music either. The OP was just painful and I made it a mission of mine to make sure I skipped it without having to hear any of it every episode. The second season's OP wasn't any better either honestly... But the animation was slightly better but not by much. I liked the additional main characters they added in S2 too. What was most irritating was the lack of good action. Stuff just happened and we were expected to be like "yeah ok that's awesome!" when it was in fact pure crap on a stick. Some things even repeated which was even more annoying because while I'd expect that with Pokemon and magical girl type shows, I do not want something like that in an action show.

I will admit that their assassin code names taking after cat types (Abyssinian, Bombay, Siberian, and Balinese) was pretty awesome. It's really hard for me not to like anything about cats though. I also really liked the hilarious girl rival assassins. Because if there's any real threat to a bishie group it is a girl group!

Probably my favourite shot from the series. It made me laugh for hours!

It's always weird when each season of anime gets better and better for me. Generally it goes downhill... The first season dragged on and on and ON. Then the ova came... It was interesting enough because there was actually a lot of violence. THERE WAS BLOOD! You know... Stuff you'd expect from a show about assassins!! Then the last season ended up being the best for me honestly. I don't know why either. Maybe it was the promise that I wouldn't have to watch anymore after it! I think the story was pretty good in the last season though and I really liked the way it ended.

Overall I really wouldn't tell anyone to watch this unless they enjoyed trying lots of different anime (like me) and really like pretty boys (like me). Because in the end all this show is is pretty boys doing some stuff. So it's much more fun to ship them with one another than to actually pay attention to what's going on!

Me too buddy me too...

* Story 5/10
* Animation 5/10
* Sound 4/10
* Characters 6/10
* Overall 5/10

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: 356/366 Weiss Kreuz



YEAH SOLID COLOURS!! Noooo. So gross haha... I don't even understand why they have so many colours...









Overall: Hell no!

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