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With the short intro out of the way with the One Piece Crossover episode we dive into the show but the only problem is that we've seen this already! At least those that have seen the ova. The ova covered Toriko's journey to capture the Galara Crocodile so yet again we don't get much new stuff to sink our teeth into. I'm actually really disappointed with the way that they are handling the Toriko series so far.

The world is full of wonder

I hope I don't get tired of his character






Huge chicken bird and a lobster fish!

I love these kind of glorious shots of Toriko









Don't get me wrong though, I'm totally in love with it too but I just don't understand the thoughts of the producers on this one. I kind of understand starting off with a crossover episode with a very popular series. One could say that they were trying to piggy back on the popularity of One Piece to make Toriko appealing to viewers or to give it a head start. But I don't understand making the second episode almost the same as the ova, let alone with less facts on what the show is about. Maybe they plan on making the series nonsense episodics? I hope not...

Now THAT'S a rice ball

I hate snakes... Especially really big ones







Thank you for the food! This will never get old for me. XD

MEAT MEAT MEAT! GUTS GUTS GUTS! I want Toriko to be more awesome! Yeah I'm totally in love with the pumping OP too in case that wasn't obvious from all the meat and guts. I also like the little addition of this "Gourmet News" tacked on after the ED. I love looking at the creatures of this world and really enjoy those cute little card pictures that they are showcased in.


I like this very informative lady






I dunno what I'd do if I saw that in person

Tentacle chicken bird







Mean ol crocodile











Episode 3 you may start making this series super awesome.

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Toriko x One Piece Crossover

Finally Toriko arrives and I couldn't be happier! But he's not on his own quite yet. The famous pirate crew from the anime One Piece makes a special appearance for the first collaboration episode between the two series and might I say it turned out wonderful. It is one of the best special episodes I've seen in quite some time and the 50 minutes it took to watch simply flew by in a heartbeat. It helps that I'm a total fan of One Piece of course. We start off with the OP for the special right away and I knew instantly I was falling in love with this series. GUTS GUTS GUTS!!!










And both sides are thinking "Who the hell are these guys?!"

The episode starts off with the One Piece crew being very hungry and in need of food supplies. Luckily they come across this wonderful island that has meat trees, pasta bushes, and cotton candy mushrooms! Luffy, Sanji, Chopper, and Nami found just what they were looking for to feed the rest of the crew. Just about anything food related your mind can think of exists on this island! I personally wish to visit this island someday haha.

Hello any big eaters dream come true!

Enter Toriko!

While everyone is running around excited over all this food, something starts rustling in the brush and Chopper investigates only to be ambushed by a very hungry Toriko. (He's always hungry though) Of course he assumes right away that Chopper is going to be an exciting rare animal treat! This was a very predictable issue to arise but very hilarious at the same time.

Sanji cooks so elegantly for the ladies

Komatsu complimenting Sanji's cooking








After this little misunderstanding is cleared up they sit down and eat some food of course. Toriko explains his goals to create the ultimate dinner course composed of the most delicious food in the world. The crew just wish to gather food for their ship and be on their way but Toriko has a fun idea! He's on this island tracking down the legendary Hungerilla Bird and of course Luffy finds this to be a fun challenge and wishes to help out. Luffy and Toriko actually have a lot in common with their huge appetites and strange superpower strength. Torkio of course is a lot more mature and knowledgeable than Luffy but mainly because he is older. Both are extremely manly too which is always a must in shounen titles. I ain't complaining one bit.





Bringing you to our HUGE leader...









With their goal in mind they all start to explore this beautiful island only to have Nami and Toriko's companion, the young chef Komatsu taken away by some... Koala bears! This was hilarious to me because I think it's going to set the premise for the Toriko series as a whole. Sure he's in search of wonderful beasts to nomnom for food to make the best course possible, but there is of course going to be a lot of him having to save his very weak friend from said beasts. I think I'm fine with this because I enjoy action and random strange creatures. I also love the fact that Toriko will eat some of these strange creatures too! Cooking is a passion of mine so almost anything that involves food no matter how strange or out there it may be shall be of interest to me.

There were a lot of awesome action group shots like this one.

Camp side feast!

I love shounen fat bellies XD








Coco and Rin


Terry Cloth






The cast of Toriko just show up randomly during the episode without much explanation to who they are sadly but this episode was more made to introduce Toriko and his dream. I'm sure more plot and character introductions are coming in later episodes. If I hadn't already seen the OVA to Toriko a year ago I would really have no idea who these people are and why they know Toriko.

Here's some beasts they have introduced. They have capture levels attached showing which ones are really hard to catch. It's kind of like Pokemon but a lot more manly.

The hardest level of animal to catch.

BBQ Pig? That's too funny.







Unicorn bear!

This bird has 4 freaking legs!







Flower lion isn't all that scary to me. I'd want one as a pet.

Koala bears are actually really mean so this is correctly portrayed.









I hope they keep up the titles like that for the beasts because I like them a lot. Overall this episode was just plain awesome and I really can't wait to see more of Toriko's adventures and the rest of the characters properly introduced. I wish Toriko himself didn't look so much like Goku from Dragon Ball but ehhh what can ya do. At least he has awesome blue hair. If he lost the orange jump suit that would probably help.

One Piece Rocks!

Toriko Rocks!















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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 300/365 Toriko

Day 300/365


From the anime Toriko, Toriko is one of the very best Gourmet Hunter's in the land. He specializes in capturing the rarest of the rare creatures to cook up for a delicious meal. He is known as one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" because he is so good at what he does and only a handful could compete with him in this. He also is nicknamed "The Glutton" because he is never really full and can eat enough food to feed 500 people and still be hungry!

Why I like him: Meat bones galore! He's rough, tough, and super strong to be bare handed fighting these beasts so he can cook em up. He has so many amazing ways to capture his meals it's just incredible! He is even immune to certain poisons because he injected himself with some to cause his body to create antibodies for them. He clearly has great passion for what he does!

Why I hate him: It's really impossible.

Overall: I can't wait till they make this into a full series. It totally deserves it and could go on forever like One Piece! I'll have to get on the manga soon if I can't wait 😛


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