Wooser no Sono Higurashi 07

Star Driver reference? Why? LOL! Random but I'm down with that kind of randomness.

Galactic Pretty Animal!

Wooser wants to be a bug so he can be on girls uniforms and not get smacked around... Ok then... I'm sure a lot of other perverts have wishes like this too. You know... So they can get off and not be judged for their perverted side! haha... I didn't really get the lion bath scene but well... LEG FANSERVICE! Whenever I have a bath I seriously stick my leg up like she did and think fanservice... XD

Oh what a Wooser perv...


Wooser has this problem a lot... Cute lion though!








I totally agree with Wooser that sunflowers are creepy motherfuckers. They just stand there. Not sit because they are HUGE! But yes they stand there and look down upon you with their giant petals and millions of eye seeds! Silently judging you... Talking about you to their sunflower buddies and butterfly friends... Never trust either a butterfly or a sunflower!

"Smiling" Sunflowers...

Sunflowers are terrifying!

Run Wooser run!!

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Wooser no Sono Higurashi 06

The Wooser is not here jokes are getting pretty old at this point. Maybe I just don't find that kind of humour funny... Unless Gintama does it that is!


The pervy side of Wooser comes out once more with the girls at the beach. I don't really know any girls that would be thrilled with some "dude" shouting out their measurements... I do however enjoy that the girls look like real anime girls in this episode and not whatever they normally look like. What they normally look like it ok and all but their adorable factor goes up when they are drawn as "real" anime girls for sure. Too bad it's all just fanservice for Wooser though...







Erm K?

SO wasn't ready for this "beam" part at the end! One must seriously be ready for complete randomness when a Wooser is involved though! It was the best part of the episode anyway! GAOOOO~


Apparently beam means robot Wooser!

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Wooser no Sono Higurashi 05

I don't know what that melon bear/dog thing is and neither does Wooser.

What's a Wooser dream of?

Girl socks apparently...








Yup Wooser is a total perv! He's not really alone in his fetishes either when it comes to Japan. I'm sure there's a joke somewhere in here but well yeah. I kinda like all these different stalkings but I can't say wearing one over the other would be a deal breaker for me. I enjoy wearing them myself that's for sure. I just don't care if other girls are wearing them either. And in anime meh. If it looks good nothing to complain about. When things don't look so good is when judgment takes place! Character personalities generally come before character outfits for me though.

Bear/dog melon is back run!

Yay graduation!

Wooser just wants to peek up skirts.








I think Wooser hangs out with these girls cause he can just stare at their uniforms. In the last episode he said how much he likes school uniforms and in this one he talks about it even more. He wishes one of the girls would give him their uniform. Can't say I'd want a school uniform given to me but then again despite my uniform project for this year I do not have a school uniform fetish at all. (Military uniforms on the other hand...) Maybe one day one of these girls will fulfill Wooser's wish and he'll stop threatening that the show has ended!

Melon bear/dog just won't quit!

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Wooser no Sono Higurashi 04

Yeah you rock at the hula hoop there Wooser!

We have a random hula hoop at the farm and last year I remember trying to use it. The boyfriend and I laughed for hours running around the farm with that stupid thing... Good times!

Do these girls really need to diet?

Rice for breakfast! Skipping meals is bad!

















The 2 scenes above I completely don't understand. But that's the beauty of Wooser honestly. He does whatever he wants! Same with those silly girls that always seem to be hanging around him... OR IS IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND?! We may never know!

Wooser does blabber on a lot about school uniforms in this episode LOLOL HILARIOUS SINCE YOU KNOW... My stupid uniform project and all... I think we're just seeing the pervy side of Wooser slowly coming out here. Maybe we have more perversions to look forward to! I hope so!

Wooser in da house!

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Wooser no Sono Higurashi 03

All hail leader Wooser!

OMG WOOSER CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD! And now he's the ruler of his own KINGDOM!

Lazy Wooser is lazy.

Wooser hard at work kinda reminds me of me.








Wooser should have totally stayed dead though since he clearly doesn't want to be in this anime. He's so lazy about everything! He even can't get his episode scripts done on time! It's no wonder this episode consisted of only 2 parts! I feel like this episode screams at the hearts of anyone that takes part in NaNoWriMo! Because I know meeting that 30 day deadline for some people in November is REALLY hard! I haven't decided if I'm going to take a crack at it this year yet but something tells me I won't be because November is going to be an insanely busy month for me since I'll be away for a good week and a half!

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