Secret Santa 2015

Good old Matataku Santa

Good old Matataku Santa

So like most years now I've been taking part in the Reverse Thieves Secret Santa project and the Anime Planet one. It really is always fun to take part in these to see just what people will recommend someone else to watch. This year I gotta say I truly only enjoyed 1 of my 6 titles, was meh towards 1, hated 2, and didn't watch 2. The 2 I didn't watch I do plan on watching one of them still over the holidays and the other I plan on doing a giant watch with it since it is part of a big franchise.

Devil-May-Cry Poster

I'll start off with the Anime Planet one that I'm most indifferent to first.

Devil May Cry I honestly do not have much to say about it. It exists I guess. It will likely make you want to play the game instead of watching this 12 episode TV series which pretty much has an episodic tone to it while you watch Dante mow down monsters in a monster of the week fashion. I know I wanted to play instead of watch while I was viewing this that's for sure. The action wasn't very interesting. There wasn't really a story. Characters were pretty bland except for Dante himself and the dude that gave him jobs. An annoying child showed up in the first episode and never left. Her alone made the dub pretty terrible to sit through but the series its self would have been worse to sit through if I didn't watch the dub...

* Story 6/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 6/10
* Characters 6/10
* Overall 6/10

Trinity Blood

The next Anime Planet series was worse than I thought it was going to be... I thought it was going to be boring but passable... Instead it just made me rage by the end of viewing it.

Trinity Blood is one of those shows that actually has a LOT of potential but fails in EVERY aspect. Shows are always taking a risk when they mix two genres together like Science Fiction and Supernatural. Except sadly in this case it was way more supernatural with hints of sci-fi thrown in and had a heavy religious tone to it. Honestly if the show focused on the sci-fi aspect of the show more than the supernatural crap it would have been a million times better. But instead we get to sit through the main character chasing after monsters and meeting a lot of new and crappy people along the way. Most of which we never see again.

I mean seriously they got old bad-ass tech left over from the Armageddon that occurred making things look super steampunk and cool like that but we rarely get to see any of it. I honestly really wish they went into greater detail about the past and how shit got the way it was. It really REALLY would have made for a better story!!

I will give the main character dude credit though... That scythe of his was BADASS!

* Story 2/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 5/10
* Characters 5/10
* Overall 3/10

Princess Nine 01

The first show I watched from my Reverse Thieves Batch I went into with great caution...

Princess Nine gets all kinds of praise for girl power and fighting the man within the baseball realm. Which was probably the only real interesting part of the show yet it was BARELY covered. I think there were 2 really good rara women can do anything a man can do episodes in the entire show and maybe a handful of moments randomly in other episodes. What this show was really about was a lot of shitty romance followed with the all the drama that comes attached to poopy love triangles and lost loves of the past.

I'm not sure why people like this show honestly. I thought the characters sucked (except for the stereotypical drunk coach since I enjoy drunk characters), the story sucked (for something billed as a baseball anime it sure did have very few baseball moments), the looks and sounds of the show were terrible. I mean look at those uniforms in that picture... Talk about cut and paste fill in the colours with paint!!

Anyway I did have a whole lot more to complain about in great detail but I honestly do not feel like giving this show anymore time than I already have... :\

* Story 1/10
* Animation 1/10
* Sound 1/10
* Characters 1/10
* Overall 1/10

Future Boy Conan 01

And finally my favourite show of the bunch that I watched.

Future Boy Conan is one of those older shows I had been meaning to get around to for ages. There's still a handful of these kinds that I'm really looking forward to and I generally get around to one each year. Mostly thanks to these santa projects.

I honestly dunno what more to say about this show. I enjoyed it for what it was and considering its age it looks amazing. Fun characters and a pretty darn good story. This is a good example of a show that was knocked back into the stone age that has future technology that actually doesn't ignore either of those factors and makes things really interesting.

* Story 8/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 6/10
* Characters 9/10
* Overall 7/10

Thanks Secret Santa people!! Till next year~

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Secret Santa 2014

Going to do one huge post since I don't have much to say about any of my Secret Santa shows this year.... I live tweeted each show while I watched them but still didn't have much to say so yeah... Not a good secret santa year for me!

Overman King Gainer

So I start off with the one I disliked the most... Which is odd since I had hopes for this one actually being good. I generally enjoy a good/bad mecha show too. But when people on twitter were saying things like "I have a soft spot in my heart for this show" I knew I was either going to love it or hate it. Basically I can see why someone would enjoy this show since it really reminded me a lot of Turn A Gundam and not many people like that show either. But unlike Turn A Gundam which I love, I really couldn't get into King Gainer mainly because of the characters. I couldn't get invested in any of them. I didn't care about any of them at all so that alone made the show doomed for me. The character and mecha designs were hideous as hell too which doesn't normally bother me but wowow.

* Story 5/10
* Animation 4/10
* Sound 5/10
* Characters 5/10
* Overall 5/10

Romeo x Juliet

So I've never been a huge fan of Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet isn't one I'd consider great or interesting to me at all because I'm not overly a fan of romance. Tragedy I am a fan of though so at least there is that. Sadly the tragedy in Romeo and Juliet just didn't do it for me in this version. It doesn't help that the 2 lead characters that the show is about were the worst lead characters I've seen in quite a while. If it wasn't for the super strong secondary cast my score would have been much lower. I am also glad the show ended the way it did otherwise this little blurb I'm writing would have been written right after I viewed the show and would be full of much ranting and hatred. But SAVED!

* Story 4/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 6/10
* Characters 6/10
* Overall 6/10

Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran

And now the best show I watched from the bunch but that's saying a lot since.. well... It was still pretty meh. I generally like samurai shows and this was honestly no exception. My biggest issue with this show was her annoying sidekick that roamed the country side with her. This samurai slice of life show is what Kenshin would have been without the plot and a female lead instead of a dude of course. I didn't hate it, didn't love it. I can't say more since most of it was pretty forgettable except for her roaming from town to town in search of sake to drink. I'd enjoy having a few bottles with her and listening to some of her stories if she were a real person. Drinking is what we have in common after all.

* Story 7/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 6/10
* Characters 7/10
* Overall 7/10

El Cazador de la Bruja was also on my Secret Santa list but having gone through 3 meh anime already I didn't want to sit through another one that I KNEW was going to me meh or worse because I really didn't enjoy Noir (the 'best' of the girls with guns trilogy) or Madlax... The bf has to watch Bruja with me anyway and he had like no time and still has no time to watch shows with me. SAVED!

Finally Yugo The Negotiator is my Anime-Planet Secret Santa's choice but I'm only one episode into it at the moment so I don't have much to say about it yet. It has a dub so I'm watching that for the possibility of finishing it before tomorrow evening but the dub is pretty terrible I don't know if I'll be able to do that for much longer... but if I keep up with my drinking it will have to do. 😛 We'll see! I'll edit in my review for it later if I manage to finish it. I'm expecting it to be ok but not as good as say Flag which is what it really reminds me of.

Happy Holidays to all~

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chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Secret Santa! Ippatsu Hicchuu!! Devander

For one of my Anime-Planet Secret Santa anime choices I was given this lovely strange ova treat. I'm pretty impressed with my Santa for finding this "gem" that I haven't seen yet... Not too sure if I'm happy I saw this though...


Human and horse meet robot and mecha horse!

What's with the arms on that horse?! D:








Positive Points

  • Very random
  • Makes fun of mecha series
  • Onii-chan can do it dance
  • Mecha horse
  • Space cows

Oh tell me what to do lord Haro Ball!

Being scared means being naked!








What's wrong creepy horse?!

Negative Points

  • Very random
  • Ugly as sin character designs
  • Scary "normal" horse
  • Pulls random shit out of no where
  • Goes no where

Peddle with all your might!









These are fail "winning" balls...

Why chii thinks you should watch it

This OVA was created in commemoration of Tatsunoko Productions 50th anniversary. Clearly to make fun of all the other mecha series they have done. If like me, you like strange random ova's that are short this is for you. Cow aliens coming to Earth for who knows what reason should be good enough to draw you in but I'll tell you a little more. A boy of course is the only one that can save the Earth, so says a Gundam Haro like ball with a mecha HORSE! Luck is the best way to defeat these cows and powers the horse. This of course is done by using one of those ball machines that we always see in anime where if you get a gold ball or any colour other than white you win a cruise or a trip to a hot spring or something fun! If all that wasn't WTF enough for you the boy gets to wear a power suit while he goes for the gold but he must stay positive or else the suit will disappear and he will be butt naked... It happens a lot... When a loosing ball comes out these strange little beings emerge and fight but don't do so well. They are like pawns I guess? The winning ball beings aren't much better looks wise but at least they are powerful and can defeat the cow foes! Will those pesky cows try to invade again?? Maybe we'll find out in another 50 years...

Time to regroup!

I dunno why your luck isn't working either...









Oh boy those gold balls.........

Further reaction to this OVA:

AP User Review

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On the Fourth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me, Four Vancouver Anime Moments

On the Fourth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me,
Four Vancouver Anime Moments,
Three Anime Games,
Two Avatars,
and Legend of the Galactic Heroes Keychains

Clearly as these 12 days posts are going along it is obvious that I'm just making most of the things that happened to me this year kinda relate to anime. Don't worry though there are some posts that will actually be about anime for the anime. heh

For a well deserved vacation this year the boyfriend and I went to Vancouver to visit a friend that normally comes to us during the summer. A Toronto friend of ours came along with us too since he generally shows up here during that time as well. Double the friend pleasure in a new place!! I had been to Vancouver once before so I was looking forward to returning, especially since this time was with the boyfriend. We did a lot of things and had a really good time. There were of course some very high ups, hello going to a brewery, and some downs, hello being late for the flight home thus costing us an extra $500 we didn't have... But all in all the visit rocked and I do look forward to going back for another visit. Maybe next time I'll make some effort to meet some of the twitter folk out there I "know". 😛

During the flight there and back the bf and I decided to watch Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. He didn't watch it with me when it aired so he thought it was something he should finally get around to watching. I'm not the hugest fan of the show since I only thought it was ok, but I was all for a re-watch because maybe it would change my mind about it or something. Hilariously enough before we even got started on Madoka we ended up watching a few inflight movies. So we never ended up finishing off the series and will likely have to start again because I think we left off around ep 6 or 8, I honestly can't remember and neither can he. Maybe we'll just watch the movies instead!

There's this street in Vancouver that we frequently walked by during our visit. It was called Haro Street. So of course every time I walked by and saw the street sign I would say Haro Haro like Haro does in Gundam. The boyfriend nor my friends aren't Gundam fans so they never really understood why I did this every time. I did explain to them but they were just like "...ok..." But well it amused me and hopefully it amuses you Gundam fans too. Teehehehe~

While we were out and about the boyfriend really wanted me to get something special or well anything at all. I didn't want to spend extra money on things like that because money was tight enough since we were already on this trip, so I only really wanted to splurge on food and beverages. He was very insistent though. Our friend took us shopping several days and one of those days we ended up in a comic shop that sold lots of anime goods. I enjoy going in these stores but generally just look around and leave without anything. I didn't even see the mug sitting on the shelf honestly, the boyfriend did though and was like "I'M GETTING YOU THIS!" I tried to say no but he insisted. I now have this very adorable Natsume Yuujinchou mug with Nyanko-sensei on it and it brings me much joy when I drink tea out of it. 🙂

One of 3 pictures that were taken while meeting Sothis. Hilariously enough none are of the both of us XD HELLS YEAH HORSE STATUE MADE TO GO SWIMMING! Found at the hotel she was staying at.

I've been an Anime-Planet member now for many, many years. Sothis and I have been good friends for most of those years but we never meet in the flesh before. Since she lives in Seattle and was coming up to Canada for a weekend while I was actually in Vancouver, we just couldn't pass up this chance to meet. We went to lunch at this adorable little place and chatted away while a venus flytrap trap sat upon our table listening in. Anime, manga, video games, life and anything else that was on our minds was talked about! Eventually we moved on to her hotel where she checked into a crazy huge room. It was like... bigger than the apartment I was staying at while visiting Vancouver! We then moved down to the hotel restaurant/bar (which was an adventure of its own trying to find it) where many drinks were consumed and eventually our significant others and my friends showed up. A few more drinks later more talk about anime, video games and music,  it was time to say good-bye. Twas very nice meeting her and I'm sure another meeting is somewhere else in our future.

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Year 4

haha how can I even be making this post now when I haven't done squat since April right? Well the answer is that I plan on returning to blogging about anime. I doubt I'll be posting more than I usually did but it won't be a huge 6 months of nothing in between posts either. This year since April has honestly been quite busy for me that I'll be laying out more in detail when 12 Days comes rolling around so look forward to that if you remotely care about what I've been up to all year. 😛

December Madness:

  • 12 Days of Christmas - Always super fun to write these and read everyone's too! Posts start December 14-25
  • Not so Secret Santa - 7 lucky people were chosen at random yet again this year! Was it you? Reviews posted December 19-25
  • Reverse Thieves Secret Santa - Hopefully I'll get 3 I haven't seen and no GITS! Reviews posted December 23-25
  • Anime-Planet's Secret Santa - Why not have one more anime to watch?! Review posted December 25
  • 2012 Anime - 4 posts of all anime that aired this year. Posts start December 28-31 If I can manage to watch everything still that is... I have like 50 shows to get through 😐

That's the list of the upcoming things I plan on doing for sure this year listed above. My plans for next year include:

  • Bringing back the 365 Days Project?
  • Catching up with Chibi Devi LOL
  • More Wooser!
  • More Cooking posts! I hope to have a few done for this holiday season too 🙂
  • Keeping up with Pokemon Workout! I workout but I'm so bad at getting these episodic posts up!
  • Blog Redesign!!!
  • More independent thoughts on anime posts

Regarding the 365 Days Project. I'm still having a hard time figuring out what I want it to be for next year. I was thinking of going back to anime characters since I was actually more interested in posting those than that stupid uniform idea of mine haha. But someone suggested I do Anime Mascots as well. I've been toying around with the idea and I just can't choose. If there's one in particular you'd like to see I'd love to hear from you in the comments! If you have an even better suggestion I'm all ears too. I've thought up doing Gundam Characters, Mecha of Anime, Pretty Cure Baddies, Cliche Anime Episodes, Awesome Anime Chicks, Awesome Anime Dudes (though these 2 can honestly go under being plain old anime characters if I choose), OP's/ED's, Magical Girls, and that's about as far as my brainstorming takes me at the moment.

So yeah dunno what else to really say here.... 4 years hahahahahh....

Good to be back from my little break~

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