Not so Secret Santa: Joshikousei

This time it's a showdown between Digiboy and Otou-san! to see if I was going to enjoy Joshikousei or not. Digiboy was for and Otou-san against. This one was probably one of the funnest anime I could have gotten for my Not so Secret Santa Project.

Yeah watch out! No one wants a butt cut!

Joshikousei AKA High School Girls is just what the title says it's about. A group of girls are making the leap into high school! They expect a grand and glorious change from their middle school days. While a change certainly is in store it doesn't really turn out to be the fairy tail they want. Girls are gross, crude, and crass when no one is looking! Joshikousei follows these girls and they, love, cry, live, and laugh at their experiences while growing up!

Yeah girls are kinda gross like that too... I can only imagine the smell...

You know what they say... Girls always have to pee together!










Digiboy Win: The girls and their gross dirty ways was hilarious.

Episode 1 and 2 showed this really well and then that idea kind of dwindled as the show went on but appeared now and then still in later episodes. Episode 2 was the oh so silly School Physical where one of the girls was trying to weigh less by balancing with one leg on a scale. Wouldn't balancing on a scale actually make you weigh more? You know... because you are putting all your weight plus into keeping your balance? XD I ended up asking a lot of strange question due to these girls antics.









Otou-san Win: The parody bits before the OP were awesome and generally the best part of the later boring episodes.

Any show that pokes fun at Maria-sama and Nana is AOK by me! Random pirates and gunfights are pretty cool too!

Fat girls need loving too.

Digiboy Win: Most of the characters were amazing. Even the side ones.

All 6 of the girls the show revolves around brought something fun to the show. Sometimes it was logical, most of the time it was wacky and strange. Both were highly appreciated. Characters is where this show didn't let me down. Even if they were doing something I didn't care about I still found myself caring even if it was boring. Oddly enough I don't have a favourite one. They all were pretty awesome.

They sureeee are!

Otou-san Win: The middle episodes (5-7, 9, 10) were poo.

All these episodes were so boring I actually don't really remember much about them. I even took notes and those notes don't even make much sense... Not that my note taking is super amazing by any stretch. I was sad that episode 5 being a pool episode and 7 being a beach episode didn't have me in stitches with laughter. They really could have done much better with these 2.

Yeah I don't really know wtf was going on here either! XD

Overall: HaHa BOTH WERE RIGHT!~ But Digiboy wins slightly more because in the end I did give the show a passing mark. Joshikousei is the little sister series to Seitokai Yakuindomo that aired in 2010. I highly suggest checking that anime out over this one for girls being crass and nasty if you haven't seen it already. Oh and I guess you could watch Joshikousei too if you haven't! I swear you won't loose "many" braincells!

* Story 6/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 8/10
* Characters 8/10
* Overall 6/10

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Not so Secret Santa: Galaxy Angel Part 1

Moving along to my second anime things have picked up greatly for me from the first one enjoyment wise.  My Not so Secret Santa Project gives me Galaxy Angel next! Chosen by the other half of Reverse Thieves, Hisui. This turns out much better than the anime their secret santa gave me! I'm going to do these Galaxy Angel posts in 3 parts because there's a lot of Galaxy Angel stuff out there. I won't publish the other parts till sometime after the 25th though. This one includes Galaxy Angel & Galaxy Angel Z.

Old men always run the show but the ladies are the read stars!

Galaxy Angel's "plot" is simple. 5 girls called the "Galaxy Angels" are to search for Lost Technology that their Government wishes to have. Each episode is generally pretty random and full of laughs. These Lost items can range from everyday objects to robots and beyond! There is no telling what these girls will get mixed up into next!

I got to sit through some lovely 10 minute episodic episodes. I feel like the OP and ED just seem to get in my way of the next episode. I don't hate them but I do find it annoying that they seem to go on forever even though they don't. Z did this much better by putting 2 episodes into one so I only had to sit through the OP and ED once like normal anime episodes. There isn't much difference between the 2 seasons other than the number of episodes and even that isn't a huge issue. Being an episodic show there is always going to be some hit or miss episodes to sit through. Luckily I enjoyed all of the characters so when there was an off episode it wasn't all that bad to sit through.

A strange creature that becomes a pet of sorts.

I love food so the fact that there was always a cooking theme to the episode titles and well the girls names was quite awesome. The show doesn't always look amazing but I was generally too busy paying attention to what was going on than caring what everything looked like. I did like how there always seemed to be appropriate music/sound effects throughout the episodes. There's nothing more annoying than having something not sound right to me and when the shows main focus is to make people laugh this is very important to me. All the main girls were super fun and even the side characters that we are suppose to forget about instantly leave some sort of impression.









Milfeulle has cute pink hair and loves to cook. In season 1 they played up her lucky side quite often. She is incredibly ditsy which leads to some painful scenes now and then but overall she's a super fun character. Her constant thinking about food amused me greatly.










Ranpha has lovely long blond hair and huge boobs. She's the most energetic of the bunch and constantly questions everything. Generally her mouthy bitchy side comes out when she's really irritated, so like every episode. On more than one occasion she was made out to be a rich man chaser which was quite entertaining. She has these really strange hair clips that look like some kind of space probe which I find super cute.










Vanilla has pale green hair and bright red eyes. She is small and very quiet which makes her out to be very robotic. She reminds me a lot of Ruri Hoshino actually.










Mint has blue hair and bunny ears that she likes to wear. She is very little and polite but can come off as snobbish due to her coming from a rich family. She seems to be very intelligent and has gotten the girls out of a mess numerous times. One thing about her that I love is that she liked to dress up in costumes. She hides this from the others but we get to see that hilariously awesome side of her. In Z there was an episode were she was in a dinosaur suit and she became a star because of it. Easily my favourite episode of the 2 series right there.










Forte has long long long red hair, wears a monocle and a pretty cool hat. She's obsessed with guns and has enormous boobies. I'd consider her to be the leader of the girls even though she doesn't really take on that roll officially. She is the oldest so it doesn't really surprise me that the other girls would look up to her in that kind of way. One thing that weirds me out about her is her voice. She sounds like a dude and for a while I thought that she actually was...

She's probably my favourite~

Sexy dinosaur suit photo shoot? HELL YES!










Overall Galaxy Angel is a great show to just sit back and watch. You don't need to think about what you are watching at all and it'll generally get a chuckle or 2 out of you per episode. They had a few "serious" episodes that they threw in 2-3 times but overall it is just a mindless fun comedy. I've heard interesting things about the video game and considering how much I actually enjoyed the anime I might just go out and find it to play.


* Story 6/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 8/10
* Characters 8/10
* Overall 6/10

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Make chii Laugh

I'm a pretty picky person when it comes to what makes me laugh but the following I can't sit through without cracking a smile or having to pause because I'm laughing way too hard. Here are my top 15 comedy anime!

Hare and his strange classmates!

Weda is awesome! That's so not just coffee in her cup! Since she's a pretty heavy drinker.

Guu and Dr. Clive were by far my favourite characters in Hare+Guu.

  1. Hare+Guu
  2. Gintama
  3. Strawberry Marshmallow
  4. Astro Fighter Sunred
  5. Yakitate!! Japan
  6. Detroit Metal City
  7. Cromartie High School
  8. Excel Saga + Puni Puni Poemy
  9. Arakawa Under the Bridge
  10. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
  11. Minami-ke
  12. Hetalia
  13. Kyoran Kazoku Nikki
  14. Legend of Koizumi
  15. Ryofuko-chan

Cats + vacumes = hilarious

Bonus anime is Kuruneko! It's 2 minute shorts, it's about cats, it's HILARIOUS! Especially if you REALLY like cats.

Probably my favourite episode

Totally my favourite episode

Clearly I like a lot of slapstick humour and really out there stuff. Hare+Guu was so strange half the time I didn't even understand why it was funny but that it just was! A brilliant weird comedy that totally deserves to be at the top of my list. Gintama makes fun of everything, has a super cast, and is really well written. Strawberry Marshmallow to this day I will always re-watch episode 6. IT NEVER GETS OLD! Yes, even I can like school slice of life comedies. Astro Fighter Sunred combines superheros that suck with wonderful monsters and has cooking lessons in some episodes! The lessons might be simple sure, but it's the hilarious thought that counts. Who would have thought an anime about BREAD would be so hilarious. Yup Yakitate!! Japan yet again combines comedy and food, 2 things that go together very well.

Freddie & flowing purple hair oh so funny


Detroit Metal City won me over with its way out there crudeness, yet it has a wonderful soft side to it that the main protagonist does perfectly. Who would have thought you could tame your inner beast and let it out through music! Cromartie High School is about many strange boy delinquents gathered in one school. They sometimes don't quite know what being a delinquent is all about. Simply hilarious! Excel Saga + Puni Puni Poemy are both wacky and rely on being super random. You'll be laughing or holding your head because of how hyper it is. Arakawa Under the Bridge combines a lot of strange people and tosses a seemingly ordinary man right in the middle of the weirdos. Like Gintama it is very well written and has an amazing cast to back it up. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu is a random comedy right in the middle of the FMP series, that is quite series for the majority of the time. I personally think people should watch Fumoffu after the first series to really get a good laugh out of it. You'll want your very own Bonta-kun after viewing.

Delicious seafood rainbow!

And people think Akagi is intense!

Minami-ke follows 3 sisters as they go through school and the strange situations they get into. Yet another slice of school life comedy I like! It had a lovely charm to it because they aren't all the same age so we get a lot of different kind of jokes. Hetalia is personified countries of the world. That's just too good for me not to find hilarious. (BL Pairings aside XD) Kyoran Kazoku Nikki takes 8 very VERY different "people" and turns them into one great big random messed up family. Darkness lurks around every corner for each character but aside from that very hilarious. Legend of Koizumi was just wow. They took Hetalia in a totally different direction that turned out to be intense but it a very good and funny way. Ryofuko-chan is a knock off of Romance of the Three Kingdoms which I'm very much a fan of. They took my favourite character, Lu Bu, and turned him into a young girl that REALLY likes breasts! It was just way too funny for me to handle at times.

Lu Bu goes from this...

... to THIS!

So there you have it! My favourite comedies! If you know of something that I should love and haven't watched please do suggest it. I love to laugh!

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Not so Secret Santa: Sexy Commando

With Ping Pong Club in mind when first looking at Sexy Commando, I went into this expecting the worst. Especially after a Scamp giggle when he kindly chose this anime for me to view for my Not so Secret Santa Project. Aside from his silly choice in his favourite anime ever, I'd say our tastes are pretty similar. Especially since he can't overly stomach sloppy shoujo titles.

This is one of the best ways I've ever seen someone enter a classroom!

Masaru Hananakajima is quite possibly one of the strangest school boys you'll ever see. After enrolling in a new school he immediately takes on all the martial arts clubs and somehow beats them all. He is not liked because of this and possibly might be why he decided to leave for 3 months for some "exploring time". Whatever that honestly means... During this time he comes across a book that changes his life completely. The book is called the "Sexy Commando Guide Book" and thus this story begins with the new Sexy Commando Martial Art Club where you confuse your enemy with whatever!

Mother helping child pee pose!

How cute?










The OP is to say at the very least quite bizarre with the imagery. The song fits it well but I'm not overly fond of it. It does however grow on you because you will hear it a lot since the episodes are 10 minutes. The random saying blurbs at the end of each episode are well... strange to say the least. Most are quite funny though. The actual ED is most amusing for some reason. It feels like I'm sitting in a crowd that is just as confused as I am with what we have just seen. Very triumphant sounding and it is so awesome it doesn't need any animation to go with it. You just get a wall of text and some hilarious singing. The animation in general is crude and poorly done but it works with this anime. If anything it adds to some of the humour.

The other 3 main boys in the series.

You won't and can't understand all the strange characters in this show. You just have to accept them in all their glorious weirdness and roll with it. There will be a lot of moments where you will laugh and not quite know why. You'll wonder what just happened most of the time as well. Moe Moe is pretty much the only girl in the series and she is probably my second favourite character. She shares a lot of quirks that Masaru has so they bounce off of each other quite nicely. Oddly enough there was no romance between the two but then again, I think Masaru is too crazy to even consider something like love for a woman.

Just what I expected to be in there...

Moe Moe's way of decorating the club room...








News to me!

He sure is!!!










Oddly my favourite character is a very minor character. Mr. Training Pants AKA random teacher that shows up somewhere in the middle of the series. I can't explain why he was so funny to me but he just was. Maybe it's the lips? Maybe it's his glasses? It's probably one of those things that you just gotta see for yourself.

Mr. Training Pants!

Another character worth mentioning is the principal. He is probably weirder than most of the students and is definitely more interesting. The one thing I love about him that the show makes a point of letting us know at every moment is just how much he loves seaweed. It is what is on the school clock, he has a garden of it, and he will shout it randomly over the school's PA system. That is just awesome!

He's SO old!

Everyone has a hobby. Some are just weirder than others.

Seeing the seaweed hanging up there seriously made me laugh everytime I saw it.










The Sexy Commando fighting style brings us some amazing techniques. But as funny as seeing them is, the names for these techniques are something else. Melancholy of Elise is a zipper move of sorts that no one knows what it really means. SexSo, Body Replacement Method Technique, Balls Disappearance, and Moment of Shame are all oddball names that just make you go "huh?". Since the viewer is either laughing or confused the Sexy Commando fighting style clearly works! One can only dream to one day be a sexymate!


Here's some lessons!
























Strange comedies like Sexy Commando are totally best done in 10 minute episodes or less. Any longer than that and they will loose their appeal. Gag Manga Biyori is another great example of this kind of humour.


* Story 7/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 6/10
* Characters 8/10
* Overall 7/10

Stinky Nyaa~

Maybe you'll laugh till you poop!

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Kuragehime 01 Enter the Jellyfish

Fall is being invaded by sea life! With the recent Shinryaku! Ika Musume with some pretty cute squid girl and now Kuragehime with our lovely Jellyfish Princess. I fancy myself a potato princess so I can relate to jellyfish princesses as well.







Right away we are captured with a lovely memory of Tsukimi seeing some awesome jellyfish in an aquarium and being with her mother, during childhood. Her mother loves the way the jellyfish look and wishes to make a wedding dress for her daughter. This little story was SO adorable to me because I was actually thinking the same thing while looking at the jellyfish. Jellyfish are pretty, elegant, and strange creatures. So can a wedding dress as well.

The OP is simply amazing in every way. Imagery was classic and the song fit the mood perfectly. I really enjoyed seeing the characters from the show in big time movie moments such as Star Wars, Kill Bill, Marry Poppins, and Singin' in the Rain just to name a few. This is the best OP of the fall season. (Best show too :P)

I love how spooky the introduction to these girls is!

We meet a lovely bunch of girls with interesting hobbies and interests. They all live together in an all girls apartment building called Amamizukan and this is where Tsukimi finds her new home to be while in Tokyo. These girls hate boys and fashionable things. They just prefer to stick together in their awkwardness and focus on their own hobbies. Understandable since I don't think they ever fit in with the "cool" crowd growing up. Which I can relate to. Not that I ever wanted to fit in to begin with hehe.

Jellyfish otaku

Jellyfish otaku is our main girl Tsukimi Kurashita. I love how she is a typical pretty plain girl. I especially love her eyebrows! They are hilariously bushy but not overly exaggerated to look ugly as lets say, Juno. She seems to be the most down to earth girl out of her otaku friends. But that's not to say she doesn't have her quirks of course. I mean she is a Jellyfish otaku after all!

Train otaku

Train otaku Banba is just weird to me. I don't connect with her train love at all and her "style" is just bizarre to me. It's very weird for a girl to have such a crazy afro. She really makes me think of Masumi Okuyama from Nodame Cantabile. She barely even has me convinced that she is really a girl. lol

Fujoshi otaku's door

Fujoshi otaku Mejiro, whom never leaves her room apparently and writes a popular BL manga. I can't wait till we may see her. If not that's ok too! Hikikomori are AOK by me.

Doll otaku

What a pretty doll








Doll otaku Chieko seems nice. She does look like a girl that would eat anything around her though. Other than that not much of an impression she left on me.

Old men otaku???

Old men otaku Jiji I really have no idea what exactly her obsession is. She has pictures of older men all over her room and lots of posters too. Maybe she really likes old men movies, I'm not sure. I can't wait to really figure out what it is that she likes so. It seems like something I could possibly be able to relate to since I love Ristorante Paradiso's old men so much. Let alone any yaoi manga I come across that just happen to have OLDER men in them 😀 Classy!

Romance of the Three Kingdoms otaku

Xiahou Dun!!!







Romance of the Three Kingdoms otaku Miss Mayaya. This would be me if I was in this anime. I'm in love with ROTK as well and will watch, play, or read anything that has to do with it. She is hilariously lanky and seems to be full of weird energy. She's always moving around like a dancer but it's more like a dancer that doesn't know how to dance at all! Hands down my favourite otaku girl.

GOATS?! Hell yes!

There is some delightfully adorable things that happen while nothing else is really happening in the show. I've come to really enjoy the background scenery. The bustling of random people walking along and building shots have especially stood out to me. The ED stands out very well for this because of it's simple hopscotch scenery on the left while small other things take place on the right side of the screen. I love the way it was drawn as well. Looks very child like but has great detail. Makes me think of Kemono no Souja Erin almost.







I gotta say that I really like the middle of the episode commercial break screen too. SO ADORABLE!

Just who is that interestingly dressed beauty?







When Tsukimi meets a gorgeous woman whom helps her get a jellyfish from a store, I instantly knew that she was indeed a he. It was something about the voice and well in the craziness of that outfit he was wearing. It was really fun later on when Tsukimi finds out his gender though. I agree with Caraniel's thoughts about him as well.

I like that she tried on a strangers wig XD

Only to turn around and see...









Nice reaction

I shall be eagerly awaiting episode 2. ^__^ Like adaywithoutme says, I’d love to move in with these women! It would be an adventure everyday!

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