Gon 01


Normally something like this is a warning to dinosaurs.

Gon's first encounter when he lands.








Gon flies through the sky one day and makes all the jungle animals his bitch!

Jack and Ussu fight ALL THE TIME!

Gon headbutts Ussu.

Gon makes Ussu his bitch! Jack stares at them.









Not sure why Gon got into one of the fish... But this way he ends up making Jack his bitch!








This introductory episode, Gon focuses on making Ussu the Bear his bitch because Ussu asked for it! After Gon succeeds in doing this he turns his attention to Jack the Wolf because he's always fighting with Ussu to be king of the jungle. So Gon not only makes Ussu his bitch, he also makes Jack his bitch too! Why? Because dinosaurs are the TRUE king of the jungle that's WHY!!!

I enjoyed that Gon got INSIDE a fish to finish off Jack. It made no sense but it was highly amusing.

Don't piss off the little tough guy!

Let's eat!








In the end all Gon really wants to do with everyone is eat and sleep. All that bitch making just sorta happens when he shows up because Gon is a kick ass dinosaur and all must bow to DINOSAURS! Eating is what Gon loves to do the most and I can see why. All that running around he ends up doing takes a lot of energy that his little body surely needs and what better way to keep his stamina up than to nomnom ALL THE TIME! Getting the right amount of sleep helps with this too I'm sure. Maybe that's why I sleep so much too...

Everyone's pretty buddy buddy after a good fish meal together.

I really enjoyed this first episode even if hardly anything happened. Watching Gon and all the other jungle animals bounce around doing their thing was quite entertaining. It has a nice clean too to it too since it's CG. The OP for Gon is darn catchy too. I mean it's CLEARLY made for children and all but I still love it to bits. The ED is pretty cute too as it has all those animals in the background as Gon walks on like they do in a lot of other anime ED themes... I suppose that could be a post on its own too, but I'm sure someone else has already said a thing or 2 about this phenomenon.

Apparently no one in the manga talks. (I can't wait to get my hands on this manga btw) But they made it so only Gon doesn't talk in the anime but all the other animals do. I like that they made them talk because while yes Gon is still very much a kiddy show it doesn't feel THAT kiddy because of the talking... Maybe that's just me though and my biased opinions. Manga is easier to get away with no talking than anime in my opinion since it adds an atmosphere that is unique to manga.

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