365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 19/365 Eiri Yuki

Day 19/365

Yuki Eiri AKA Eiri Uesugi

From the anime Gravitation, Eiri Yuki AKA Eiri Uesugi is a romance novel writer. He is super charming and all the ladies want him. Even when a lady does get close to him he shows no emotions towards her. He is a very difficult person to be around because of this attitude. Picture above made by Ryuichi.

Why I like him: He eventually gets into a relationship with a young boy that is in a band called Bad Luck. Shuichi is the lead singer and for some reason has fallen head over heals in love with Eiri despite his nasty personality. I just like Eiri's book fans love his charming ways even if they seem to be fake and super slimy.

Why I hate him: Dwelling on the past has never been a favourite trait of mine with anyone. Eiri does this too much. WAY too much. To the point of bad things happening all around him.

Overall: Watching this harsh cruel man eventually start to show signs of caring for someone was a wonderful feeling. It just shows that no matter how hurt and beaten in your past you were there's one thing that can always come and bring that part that you hide away from others because you don't want to get hurt again, love.

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