What Should chii Cosplay As?

So I've decided to go to Anime Boston and like the last time I went, I want to dress up. Hopefully better than the first time... Though to be fair it was still pretty good considering. This will clear off goal #7 of my anime goals. I really need to fix that goals list because a lot of the stuff isn't doable for me anymore. Talk about biting off more than I could chew!

My ideas so far:

 Sooooooo yeah! Which one does everyone think I should go with? Or maybe you have a better suggestion? As long as it isn't too crazy and actually possible I shall consider it! A poll is on the right for people to vote in.

Help me out here!

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 44/366 Neon Genesis Evangelion

Day 44/366

Neon Genesis Evangelion is many things but it too has a school life side to it.

Boys wear a plain white shirt with black pants and they have a black jacket too which we hardly ever see. Pretty darn normal of the most normal when it comes to boy uniforms. Girls have it pretty plain too but it's still different in one big way. They have a blue skirt that has buttons to the top that connects with the "jacket". It's pretty much like overalls but way more fashionable. They wear a white shirt that has a lovely thin red bow. Like I said it's a very plain uniform but probably one of the most recognizable in all of anime.

Overall: I'd rather wear their plug suits...

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