Not so Secret Santa: Figure 17

The Not so Secret Santa Project is now graced with Draggle with the oh so awesome anime Figure 17! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!

Tsubasa is a super shy girl that suddenly moved from Tokyo to the country side after her mothers passing. Here is where her life changes for better or worse. An alien crash landed on Earth who just happened to be carrying some deadly monster seeds that have hatched! Tsubasa ends up merging with a liquid/metal life form that helps the alien fight these monsters. Except instead of going back into a liquid/metal form after fighting, Tsubasa's ends up making a clone of her. Thus the story begins to fight these monsters before they destroy the Earth.













First off I gotta start with the soundtrack. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It is pretty rare that I listed to an OP (sorry about the low quality) and ED each and every time but I just couldn't help it with these ones. SO GOOD. Even all the tracks throughout the series were great. They always fit the mood of what was going on and even got exciting during the battle scenes. I'm generally not one to care too much about looks but I gotta say for a series made 2001-2002 it didn't have that "feels like it was made in the 90s" look to it like most shows from the early 2000 have. Well maybe the alien monster designs date back to the 80s XD. I watched the show in English and didn't mind it one bit. I think it actually helped me enjoy the show more since I wasn't so focused on reading subtitles all the time. The girls clone got a little irritating with her voice now and then but nothing I couldn't handle. Each episode was also 45 minutes long which is always an odd yet interesting thing to me. Not quite sure why they went with this format but I gotta say it worked out very well. While some episodes felt like they were much longer because the show is quite slow I still enjoyed the length. Heck sometimes the episodes flew by in an instant!







Plot wise the show is fairly simple. Girl has a kinda shitty life, it changes one day to super exciting, and she gets to save the world with aliens. But oddly enough what makes the show excellent for me (even though the alien plot is rather kick ass too imo) her daily slice of life routines is what really makes you care about every single character in the show. Going to school everyday, walking home, taking care of her dog, talking with her father, all really mundane stuff but always interesting. We really learn a lot about her and her friends and even her "family" that owns a dairy farm and makes bread. There was one episode that really focused on the farms daily life and I think it was one of the greatest episodes I have ever seen in all of anime haha! We even learn a far amount about the two aliens that are working with her to save the world as well. Not as much as I would have liked but what little we did get about them was fantastic.








The only thing that I can honestly say that I disliked about the show was the rather lacklustre ending. While the ending was good in its own... For some reason I was just wanting a little more at the end. Not sure what but SOMETHING! But don't get me wrong the ending was really fitting and good for this kind of show.


*Note this post was written pretty drunk so sorry if it doesn't make sense in some spots!

* Story 8/10
* Animation 8/10
* Sound 9/10
* Characters 10/10
* Overall 9/10

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