366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 202/366 Glass Mask

Day 202/366

Over and over and over again....

I hate Glass Mask.

It's funny how over 3 series the school uniform barely changes. But each do in very small ways. Still a fucking typical sailor suit though...








Overall: Mehhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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Secret Santa Part 2: Glass Mask (2005)

As promised the final installment to Glass Mask is here with the last version this show went through in 2005. The Reverse Thieves Secret Santa project has been fun but I question the Secret Santa I got. Did they really think I would enjoy this? Did they leave me with this as the only option to review on purpose? Did they wish to troll me knowing I'd watch it anyway? I choose to go with the simplest of answers: We don't know each other at all. Them Anime has been around forever. I can't say that I'm a loyal reader but I do link to them on occasion for my Snack Posts. There's a review for the 1984 version on there that isn't super flattering which highly amuses me.

As you all probably already guessed by reading my OVA review and the 1984 version, I'm not the hugest fan of Maya and her journey to become an actress... With that in mind I still went into this version with an opened mind. I expected a brand new take on the series and almost wanted to expect it to be good... Well... I got neither of those... The Kaleido Star vibe I got right from the beginning of seeing Glass Mask as my anime came full circle. I would gladly watch Kaleido Star again over Glass Mask and I didn't even like that show either!


I couldn't believe it! I was watching for the 3rd time... that SAME STORY. The only difference now was that it had a better look. I'm not one that cares too much on how an anime looks, so I couldn't have cared less that it looked "better". The "saving" grace after the first half was that I was actually seeing more of the story. A more "complete" version.







Even though this time around the story kept going I still wasn't pleased. After all it's not like I care about any of the characters so I really didn't give a crap if they succeeded or not. I did however enjoy the more played up romance between Maya and Masumi. I also found it quite hilarious that his helper chick who later becomes Maya's handler was made out to be this evil, yet classy, all knowing person who could at any moment expose everything! It's hilarious drama like that that holds my interest. Even if it's predictable, if it's funny I'm ok with it. Although I'm sure we weren't suppose to find it funny but well I'm special. Hell I even found Maya's bulling from the other actresses hilarious! Her showdown with her rival in the end was completely pee my pants comedy.


So yeah... Overall I'm not so impressed with this show or it's many remakes... -.- Thanks Secret Santa... LOL...

* Story 6/10
* Animation 7/10
* Sound 4/10
* Characters 2/10
* Overall 4/10

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Secret Santa Part 1: Glass Mask (1984)

This is the first time I’ve participated in the Reverse Thieves Secret Santa project and I gotta say it has been "fun". It would have been more "fun" if I got 3 shows I could have chosen from instead of just getting 1. (the other 2 I had already seen which kinda defeats the purpose of a review for this project imo) So to make the most of my one choice since it is Glass Mask, I decided to watch it all. The old first version, the OVA and the 2005 version. This was probably a mistake on my part, but I'll save that rant for when I write about the 2005 version (the one my Secret Santa actually picked).

"A mask which is as fragile as glass, people wear it to hide their own faces." - this is uttered at the beginning of every episode.

Glass Mask takes a look at a young plain girl, Maya, that has the hugest hard-on for the arts. Theater to be specific. She wants to see all the new plays and movies that come out and she'll do pretty much anything to achieve that. Even go as far as taking a bet that she can deliver over 100 bowls of ramen before midnight on a cold and rainy evening (I think too lazy to check) to get a ticket. Probably would have been easier to suck some cock but well... this is shoujo... and not of the smutty kind! Sadly! Actually adding in some sex would have helped this show a lot since actress get into all kinds of trouble in that way when it comes to real life! But since this show is a very typical shoujo it should be no surprise that she does her impossible ramen task and gets to go and enjoy her play.

Maya! The "star"

Maya soon crosses paths with Chigusa Tsukikage, a once famous actress that suffered a tragic accident leaving her scared and sickly (she's really creepy). Tsukikage owns the rights to a play by the name of "The Crimson Goddess" and won't give them up to anyone because she feels no actress is good enough to give justice to the roll. Until Maya appears that is. (BARF! How convent!) You see not only does Maya have a boner for the arts she can also be PART of them! Tsukikage pretty much kidnaps Maya to start training her to become the best actress ever. And thus we go through her trials of the harsh show business world.

Just one of the many creepy shots we get to see of Ms. Tsukikage

I tried to like this show right from the start because the lackluster animation and music really reminded me of Candy Candy. I doubted that show at first too but it got better. Glass Mask doesn't get better sadly. But it probably doesn't help that I just don't give a shit about theater and acting. I've been to a few of plays in my life (a few that were in this anime even), but I'm no fan of this kind of entertainment. Maybe I just haven't seen the right ones or something...

Oh Mr. Bishie...

It doesn't help that I only enjoyed one character out of the whole show. And of course it had to be a douche bag rival of Tsukikage. Masumi Hayami was the most interesting character to me because he was rude but still polite, he cares about quality entertainment but is still willing to do dirty things to achieve this, and he of course falls in love with Maya. LOL! That pedo! (Maya is 13 and there's like 10+ years between them!) I dunno why he falls in love with her but it's not like we get to see any of that development. After all this show is only 23 episodes and it doesn't really end. I mean fuck the last episode was a RECAP!


I actually came to hate most characters by the end of the show. Especially Maya. She made me want to punch her all the time. I guess her childishness should have been expected and her annoying factor because of that but urg... I hate kids >.< I guess I can kinda see how people would love and root for her but when the plot is so bloody obvious all the time with how it's set up and the execution, it's really hard for me to give a shit if I already know what is going to happen. (I'm really good at that) I will however say that I enjoyed the relationship between her and her mother. That was interesting and very real life like. Mom's can be demons to their little bitches known as offspring and these 2 had a very interesting ride with this fire between them.

Rivals from start to "finish"

The only other character that we were suppose to take notice of was her rival in acting, Ayumi Himekawa. She was exactly what you would have expected a rival to be and look like. An evil but pretty face, a "hohoho" laugh, snobby, from a rich family so things were pretty much handed to her on a silver platter, etc. She was the least interesting character simply because of these factors.

These were very important flowers to Maya... I liked them too... But only because they are purple...

Overall I would have been happier with a different anime... Fucking shoujo drama crap... Part 2 to come tomorrow... >.<

Here's a list of the plays that were in this: Little Women, Growing Up, Gena and the Five Blue Pots, The Prince and the Pauper, A Woman's River, Snow White, Wuthering Heights, The Smile of Stone, Hamlet, The Cherry Tree of Dream Festivals, The Miracle Worker. And of course there's always talk of The Crimson Goddess but we never actually get to see the play. I like how most of these are real plays (maybe all of them are but research sucks!).










* Story 5/10
* Animation 5/10
* Sound 4/10
* Characters 2/10
* Overall 4/10

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chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Secret Santa! Glass Mask

For my Reverse Thieves Secret Santa I was given Glass Mask. Being the way I am I wanted to watch it all. So that includes this OVA. I could have certainly lived without viewing this... I don't like plays, I don't care about actors and actress trying to make it big, nor the turmoil they face everyday battling against each other. *shakes her fist at her evil Secret Santa for suggesting this*

Maya has a gift for acting.

This crazy old bat sees Maya's talent.










Positive Points

  • It's a good taste tester to see if you'll enjoy the series
  • If you like the entertainment business a lot it should please
  • Great if you have already seen the 1984 version and want a refresher

He's the best character in the entire series.

Negative Points

  • Brings nothing new to the table
  • Boring if you can't get into the characters
  • Feels rushed
  • If you don't care about the entertainment business the show will be boring

Mother and daughter are pretty different.

Why chii thinks you should watch it

It's good as a recap ova if you've seen the first series way back in the early 80s. Or it's good if you would like to see if you want to sit through the 51 episode remake made in 2005 if you haven't seen the old one. Otherwise I don't really have much to say about this ova. It was kinda torturesome of me to watch it right after my viewing of the 80s version. I felt like I was re-watching it only with a slightly better look. I only enjoyed one character, Masumi, because I liked his teasing of the main character Maya. If you like seeing the blood, sweat, and tears that actress go through to make it big while tearing through rivals and everything that stands in their way, this show is for you.

Mean rival is mean.

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