On the Fourth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Four Quirky One Shots

On the Fourth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me,
Four Quirky One Shots,
Three Big Contenders,
Two Amazing Rivals,
and Char Aznable on a Horse

Children Cant Choose Their Parents

Female Fridge No. 1

Yamamoto Mimikaki-Ten

Holy Night (Shintaro KAGO)










This year I started actually reading manga on-line. But I generally limit myself to really short ones known as One Shots. These are one off random stories about anything you can possibly think of. Here's some of the weirder ones I've read throughout this year and easily became favourites due to their quirkiness.

Children Can't Choose Their Parents - You will never look at a chicken the same ever again!

Female Fridge No. 1 - Imagine spying on your crush in one of the strangest ways possible.

Yamamoto Mimikaki-Ten AKA Yamamoto Ear Cleaning Shop - Probably my favourite of the bunch because well... I will admit that I do have a ear cleaning obsession. If you look deeper into it, it's also a tale of growing up.

Holy Night (Shintaro KAGO) - Santa is one messed up dude! This one is NSFW!

I can't wait to read more weird stuff! I'm possibly going to be doing a manga project in the upcoming year.

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