365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 149/365 Ichiro Irabu

Day 149/365

Ichiro Irabu

From the anime Kuuchuu Buranko, Ichiro Irabu is a doctor who specialist in psychotherapy. He is a very eccentric doctor and does things that most other doctors would never dream of doing in his own strange ways. He has a nurse, Mayumi, that helps him out with his practice at the clinic.

Why I like him: He was interesting even though he made me feel awfully uncomfortable pretty much all the time. I liked that he could somehow change his shape. Nothing says intriguing like a little child or a green bear serving patients.

Why I hate him: His love of needles freaked me out. He was always getting his hot nurse Mayumi to inject patients with them even if he didn't know what was wrong with them. Since he is a doctor that is instantly a dislike of mine because I have a

Overall: I just really don't like doctors... Especially really strange ones no matter how interesting they are suppose to be. I do suggest checking the show out if you like psychological and very abstract shows.

Nurse Mayumi

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