Not so Secret Santa: Innocent Venus

If you aren't considering Spherical Cows yet you really should.  Sandra was kind enough to suggest for the Not so Secret Santa Project a little known show called Innocent Venus. This title I had been saving up for a rainy or I guess snowy day in my anime viewing. Glad I finally got around to it because I agree with Sandra, it was quite the treat.

In a dystopian world, humanity is split into the wealthy class, known as the Logos and the poor class, knows as the Revenus. A resistance group from the Revenus is formed because of how poorly the Logos treat them. Barricading them from certain areas and keeping them in specific zones. Thus keeping the poor, poor and the rich, rich. It is hard times all around but the poor clearly have it worse than the rich. To help keep the Revenus in check the Logos created an elite military group known as Phantom. Two boys, Jo and Jin, escape from this group along with a special girl, Sana. Thus their journey starts trying not to get caught and learning just what is so special about Sana.

Honestly this show starts off pretty slow but once you get into it, about 4 episodes in, it starts to get really interesting. Mainly because you actually start to remember what's been happening and who is who because it is a little confusing for the first few episodes. Since they info dump the state of the world in the first five minutes of episode one and you are all like "waaa wait what??" then you are running away off into the resistance!

The music at times is overly dramatic which is ok for the most part oddly enough. It definitely adds to the tension of certain scenes. I wish I cared about the OP and ED though... They just feel like the same old same old. Which is a shame honestly because the rest of the music really fits the mood of the show. The mecha in this world oddly remind me of Flag. A show that ghostlightning made me watch last year. They are very realistic looking and just like Flag while the mecha hold an important roll in the show everything else just seems WAY more important. I guess that's what happens when you have great character development!







Speaking of characters. They are all awesome. Bad guys, good guys, everyone! For a series that is only 12 episodes long you sure do feel like you know each and every character no matter how small their roll was. Jo and Sana are particularly well done. It is always nice to see a show about someone protecting another because they just want to instead of HAVING to. They meet this band of pirates lead by this Toraji dude. When we first meet him he always has octopus legs hanging out of his mouth, pretty much the entire first episode we meet him in. Just to further show his eccentric side if we didn't get that already with his samurai outfit, his scar, and his wearing of a pirate coat, hat and all. I gotta say that his lovely wench Hijin was interesting as well. She is a HUGE lady and one not to mess around with.

Jin, that escaped with Jo and Sana is a very confused but fun character. He has these typical "I'M GONNA WIN EVERYTHING" moments then he switches instantly to being pretty depressing. I really couldn't help but to giggle at Jo and Jin's sad but tender bromance. These 2 had been through a lot together and because of that they are pretty close even though neither would likely admit it if I could ask them. I honestly felt like I was watching a Final Fantasy set to an anime with how these characters all acted towards one another which was super fun.








In the end it is kinda anticlimactic but I'd still tell people to watch this show for the awesome characters.

* Story 7/10
* Animation 7/10
* Sound 8/10
* Characters 9/10
* Overall 7/10

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