366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: 366/366 Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel



Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel YAY MAGICAL GIRLS!

So these are my second favourite school uniforms in all of anime. Why? Because of the AWESOME cherries hanging off of the adorable green bow tie!! It totally helps that the main colours for the uniform are purple and white. These look just FABULOUS!!

Overall: OH HELL YES!

And that ends yet another silly 365 days project of mine!

Thanks for reading these whoever you are~~

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 334/365 Aoi Kannazuki

Day 334/365

Aoi Kannazuki

From the anime Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel, Aoi Kannazuki is just a normal school girl by day. By night she and her best friend Haruka turn into the crime fighting duo Twin Angel! Together they'll fight the evil Baron from harming anything in their school.

Why I like her: Blue Angel! That name for some reason is just awesome and simple to me. Gets the point across. Whatever that point may be anyway! I really do like their uniform with the cherries as a bow. TOTALLY ADORABLE. I love it when she uses her powers. They are interesting to me.

Why I hate her: Why does she have to be the sickly one?

Overall: I can't wait till the series comes out of this cute, simple ova.


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