365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 239/365 Mayama Takumi

Day 239/365

Mayama Takumi

From the anime Honey and Clover, Mayama Takumi starts off as a 22 year old fourth-year art student. He helps out Rika Harada with various errands at her design firm that she can not do because of a disability. He grows strong feelings for her after some time, where at school a girl named Yamada Ayumi has strong feelings for him. His love triangle begins.

Why I like him: Even though he always says in the anime that he is lame and so uncool, I think he is totally awesome and cool! He follows his heart very well and is super determined to meet his goals be it in love or his work. He's completely adorable even if I wanted to punch him at times but that's just part of his awesome charm. <3

Why I hate him: Scroll over for ***SPOILER*** HE DIDN'T CHOOSE THE GIRL I WANTED HIM TO!!! >.<

Overall: If it wasn't for Mayama and his wonderful story I probably would have hated this show to bits because the other love triangle was dreadfully boring to me. Let alone hating Hagu 😛 I gotta watch more Josei anime because I seem to enjoy them a great deal.

Mayama and Yamada

Rika and Mayama

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