365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 54/365 Medicine Seller

Day 54/365

Medicine Seller

From the anime Mononoke, Medicine Seller is simply that. Everything else about him is unknown, name, age,  where he comes from who knows! His one goal it seems is to slay mononoke, which are spirits that linger on in the human world. He carries a mysterious talking sword known as the Sword of Exorcism but he can only use it when he knows the mononoke's spirit shape.

Why I like him: Calm and cool he knows exactly what to do in a very scary situation where most people would proabbly faint. Fighting mononoke is hard stuff!

Why I hate him: We never learn more about him and I really wanted to know more. He's very interesting.

Overall: Mr. Medicine Seller has wisdom for everyone. He is very clever being able to figure out the spirit shape's of a mononoke. Truth, form, and regret are all reasons that mononoke linger on in the human world after passing away.

Unleashing of his magic sword

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