Gakkatsu 07

What the fuck is duckface?

What strange things people start to find cute or attractive trend wise it rather strange. The Japanese are all about these kind of weird things! Then again so is everyone else in the world. Here's a very incomplete list of the awesome anime things I enjoy "trend", "fetish" or just plain anime tropes wise in my anime.

  • Mecha porn
  • Ship porn
  • Tactics porn
  • Anime food porn
  • Characters running or dancing in the ED
  • Magical girls or boys
  • Animal sidekicks that aren't annoying as fuck
  • Big boobed fighting girls... Fighting girls in general especially when they loose clothing and flash their pantsu
  • Big boobed girls... Bonus if I actually like the character
  • Char clones
  • Old anime men... Bonus if they are hot
  • Kimono
  • China girl
  • Yamato Nadeshiko
  • Samurai
  • Japanese/Chinese "paper" umbrellas
  • Yaoi and yuri
  • Ear cleaning
  • Cats
  • Talking animals
  • Shishi-odoshi (bamboo water stick)
  • Anime characters cosplaying
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Snot bubble
  • Military uniforms... Uniforms in general that aren't school ones
  • Ditsy teacher
  • Emotional anime eyes
  • Bishies
  • Ahoge
  • Waking up all bandaged up
  • Idiot crow

Now that's a duckface!

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Gakkatsu 06

What did you write as your dreams for the future?

Some people have awesome silly dreams. Some have normal dreams. Some are big dreamers while others are more realistic dreamers. I can't honestly remember what I wrote on any of those kind of papers in school. I'm sure it was a marine biologist like every single other little girl who just happened to really like dolphins. I do know at one point I wanted to work at NASA... lol... What did you want to be when you were a child?

Then suddenly...

Let's talk about sunfish!

For some reason we dive into sunfish facts... And there's a huge one swimming for America... But somehow this all ties into the "Dream Big" concept I'm sure.

Sunfish headed for the U.S.A...

Sunfish headed for the moon or the sun you decide.







 There was a time where people wanted to go to America to make their dreams come true. This might still be the case honestly but I'm not sure and I'm too lazy to look into it further. There is this cute ad on TV though that has some lady singing about "dreams" and "making them come true" and at the end it just says America or something. So maybe America still is considered the place to make your silly big dreams come true!


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Gakkatsu 05

Today, I have a sad announcement to make.

Transfer students leaving could be sad I suppose. I've never personally had that experience since I didn't really go to any schools that would attract those kind of students. Maybe in my high school but I didn't get too close to people there anyway. In my elementary school I remember being friends with some Russian girl and she ended up leaving due to her being the daughter of the Russian Embassy dude. I honestly don't remember too much about how I felt about it back then though...

Red diamonds!

Fancy castle with a fancy outfit.







The prince Ngvangida is going back home. He speaks of how everyone has been so nice to him. But he still has his rich ways coming through since he thinks everyone lives in small houses and dresses poorly. Culture differences and class differences are always quite interesting to me. How each view the other can be quite amusing.

Mr. Newscaster brings bad news.

Castle for sale!







As it turns out at the end of the episode Ngvangida will be staying in Japan since his family has fled his country. Their pink diamonds have apparently run dry and the family is in ruin... Crappy episode is crappy... What was the debate again?!

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Gakkatsu 04

What do you call your mother?

Personally I call my mother "Mommy". My father is "Daddy". The bf uses mom and dad. Sometimes when he's being "cute" he'll use mother or father but that's in a teasing kind of way for some reason. I guess kinda how a mother would call her son "Dave" but when she's being serious she'll say "David" to really get her point across. That's in my experience anyway. I'm not sure why calling to a parent would be considered strange when you are a growing teenager like this episode suggests but I'll pass this off as being a difference of cultures or something.





Hilariously enough this episode starts off with a subject that I'm pretty interested in and really wish they discussed instead of that stupid mother stuff.

Vandalism is shocking!!!

When I was younger I didn't give a crap about vandalism honestly. It was just another thing you saw while living in a city. Now that I'm older and live in a different city (one way smaller than where I grew up) I can't stand seeing vandalism and I notice it EVERYWHERE. It's not the fact that they are causing trouble or getting even with "the man" it's more that it's UGLY to my eye. I can't stand walking past some of our buildings that have ugly blue paint splattered all over them just to cause shit. It honestly makes me really angry and sad. I feel sorry for small shop owners that get vandalized. They don't deserve it so why? Damn kids! *shakes her little fist*

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Gakkatsu 03

What have aliens come to Earth to do?


And really? How could we be in this huge vast universe! Maybe in our tiny little solar system we are but to think that there's nothing else out there is just silly! Perhaps even here we have company but they are avoiding us thus all these super strange sightings. Maybe they are waiting for the right time before invading us that these students seem to believe could happen. Or maybe we aren't ready for their friendship yet! Who knows what's out there!

This episode brings up an interesting point about transfer students though. Apparently transfer student feel like aliens when they go to a new school. I can see how this is a great comparison because this poor person is entering a potential danger zone where no one will accept them into their circles. We've all been the new kid at some point or another. Weather it being actually transferring in the middle of a school year, going to a brand new school, or maybe moving up a grade without all your friends. Even in adulthood "the new guy" is still around in the working force. I honestly don't have any tips for befriending people quickly in these situations but all I can say is give it time and something has to give!

Honestly, any strange black dot in the sky is considered a UFO to me!

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