Year 4

haha how can I even be making this post now when I haven't done squat since April right? Well the answer is that I plan on returning to blogging about anime. I doubt I'll be posting more than I usually did but it won't be a huge 6 months of nothing in between posts either. This year since April has honestly been quite busy for me that I'll be laying out more in detail when 12 Days comes rolling around so look forward to that if you remotely care about what I've been up to all year. 😛

December Madness:

  • 12 Days of Christmas - Always super fun to write these and read everyone's too! Posts start December 14-25
  • Not so Secret Santa - 7 lucky people were chosen at random yet again this year! Was it you? Reviews posted December 19-25
  • Reverse Thieves Secret Santa - Hopefully I'll get 3 I haven't seen and no GITS! Reviews posted December 23-25
  • Anime-Planet's Secret Santa - Why not have one more anime to watch?! Review posted December 25
  • 2012 Anime - 4 posts of all anime that aired this year. Posts start December 28-31 If I can manage to watch everything still that is... I have like 50 shows to get through 😐

That's the list of the upcoming things I plan on doing for sure this year listed above. My plans for next year include:

  • Bringing back the 365 Days Project?
  • Catching up with Chibi Devi LOL
  • More Wooser!
  • More Cooking posts! I hope to have a few done for this holiday season too 🙂
  • Keeping up with Pokemon Workout! I workout but I'm so bad at getting these episodic posts up!
  • Blog Redesign!!!
  • More independent thoughts on anime posts

Regarding the 365 Days Project. I'm still having a hard time figuring out what I want it to be for next year. I was thinking of going back to anime characters since I was actually more interested in posting those than that stupid uniform idea of mine haha. But someone suggested I do Anime Mascots as well. I've been toying around with the idea and I just can't choose. If there's one in particular you'd like to see I'd love to hear from you in the comments! If you have an even better suggestion I'm all ears too. I've thought up doing Gundam Characters, Mecha of Anime, Pretty Cure Baddies, Cliche Anime Episodes, Awesome Anime Chicks, Awesome Anime Dudes (though these 2 can honestly go under being plain old anime characters if I choose), OP's/ED's, Magical Girls, and that's about as far as my brainstorming takes me at the moment.

So yeah dunno what else to really say here.... 4 years hahahahahh....

Good to be back from my little break~

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Pokemon Workout! Clefairy! Clefairy! Clefairy!

Just one episode this time.

Guess that Pokemon Episode 6

~~~Guess that Pokemon answers at the end of this post!~~~

Man keeping up with this during the holidays is hard... I might not do another post of this till January in this case... Although I think catching up with Poyopoyo and Wooser is a little more important than Pokemon at the moment... Not to mention a new Cooking With Oishii Anime post themed for the winter holidays~

HELP THAT SCIENTIST! (I can tell he's one because of the coat!)

Episode 6 - Clefairy and the Moon Stone

Seymour the Scientist (LOL) is getting attacked by some Zubat! Ash, Brock, and Misty rescue him and he explains that all the Pokemon around this cave area have been acting up because someone has placed lights all throughout the cave. This apparently is driving these Pokemon mad. I'd be kinda mad too if someone flashed some bright lights in my nice dark cave! I personally care that these poor Pokemon are suffering but I still can't get over the fact that his name is Seymour! Seymour the Scientist! Who introduces themselves like that?! XD

Seymour the Scientist... Just too funny!

Caves shouldn't have light like this.









Awesome Team Rocket intro pose I must say!

So of course Team Rocket and Meowth are behind the caves lighting issues. They too, like Seymour, are looking for a Moon Stone that seems to have something to do with all the Clefairy in this cave. Each side battle a little and it's no wonder that Ash and Friends win out over Team Rocket. Pikachu and a Clefairy have another "romantic" Pokemon conversation which leads everyone to an actual Moon Stone! Brock pulls out some of his Pokemon food that he's apparently been developing for quite a while. It is a huge hit with the Pokemon but when (for some reason) Ash wishes to try some he gets a pretty ick look on his face. Well duh honestly. I'm sure Pokemon food tastes like dog or cat food to us!

Meowth attack!

Misty attack!









I hope Pikachu has these kind of "conversations" with all the Pokemon.

So all these Clefairy have been gathering stones in this cave to help make their Moon Stone whole again. Team Rocket attacks once more but this time the heroes are all the Clefairy using their Metronome power that confuses whoever it is used on into doing random acts. This defeats Team Rocket and they blast away. The Moon Stone seems to have been damaged and explodes into some falling bits of stone that happen to land on some Clefairy. This causes some of them to evolve into Clefable which amazes everyone. Especially Seymour! Then it turns into a dance party! WOOOOO~












Overall Thoughts: Pokemon are from SPACE! It all makes sense now... Seymour.... lol....

Boyfriends Overall Thoughts: Koffing kinda makes me smile...

~~~Guess that Pokemon answers~~~


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Pokemon Workout! An Asshole Samurai and Brock

Hello dear workout project from 2 years ago!

Guess that Pokemon Episode 4

Guess that Pokemon Episode 5










~~~Guess that Pokemon answers at the end of this post!~~~

So yeah I've decided to bring this back since I'm SO DETERMINED this time to keep at it... I kept up with the workouts the last time but stopped watching Pokemon at the same time because blogging is hard! (It's even harder now but ehh I'll still try.) Then the holidays struck and things just weren't meant to be. I hope the same thing doesn't happen this time around but well... No promises! Things will probably slow down during the holidays again but as long as I do a post now and then instead of just completely ignoring it I think it will all be ok.

Douche bag samurai.

Episode 4  - Challenge of the Samurai

Don't have much to say about this one except that the little samurai dude was a giant dick to Ash for no particular reason at all. He has this stupid goal to battle everyone from Pallet Town for some reason and Ash was the last one. He got his ass handed to him by everyone else from Pallet too. Ash doesn't preform as well as the others but they were interrupted by Team Rocket and a huge swarm of Beedrill so I say it doesn't count.

Metapodvs Metapod!

Pikachu and Misty catching some rays as the Metapod face off continues.









Metapod is the huge hero of the episode though. It was captured by a Beedrill and flown away to a nesting tree where it sat in all its lonesome. Metapod was in its rights to be mad at Ash for "abandoning" it but once it saw that Ash went through such trouble to try and save him it suddenly got all better and it transformed into Butterfree! Butterfree then proceeds to save the day by putting all the Beedrill to sleep!

oh shit...

OH shit...








Metapod turns into Butterfree!

And saves the day with its toxic sleepy dust!










I find it amusing that the first boring episode of the series came so soon. But Butterfree did make up for the boring aspect of this episode a little!

An old man selling rocks... LOL!

Episode 5 - Showdown in Pewter City

This episode was TOTALLY made for a Pokemon workout! How exciting!

Ash and Misty find themselves in Pewter City. Here, Ash meets an old man rock seller named Flint randomly at the outskirts of the city. Flint encourages Ash to seek out the local pokemon gym leader, Brock, to challenge him to a pokemon fight so he can earn a badge. The Boulder Badge! Ash being totally lame looses his first battle with Brock. I appreciate the balls Ash has at times but going into a battle so unprepared is just silly! Upset over his loss Flint appears once more to help Ash train Pikachu to have a stronger thunderbolt.

Pokemon gym arena's are so awesome.

Pewter City's Gym Leader Brock.










You need more training Ash! Come with me! Says the creepy old man who has been basically stalking Ash since he entered the city.

The is where the episode turns into a perfect match for a Pokemon workout! Ash ends up running super fast on a water wheel for quite a while. This is so he can charge a generator so Pikachu can get super charged to get a stronger bolt. Ash works really hard at this and so did we on our bikes! THE REWARD WAS WORTH IT!

Bike or run super fast to...











With Pikachu all charged up Ash returns and faces off with Brock once more. Things go a little rough still but luck is on Ash's side when the arena's sprinklers go off. Rock pokemon are weak against water so a bolt from Pikachu finished off Brock's Onix easily. Brock admits defeat but Ash doesn't feel right about his lucky win and leaves. Of course old man Flint who has been stalking Ash all episode confronts him just as he's leaving the city. We then learn (if you haven't already put it together) that Flint is Brock's dead beat dad who left Brock with the family to go and fulfill his dream of being a pokemon master, which he fails at and feels so much shame that it is hard for him to return home. There's a lot of those kid siblings that Brock has been dealing with over the years! Where is the mother though?!

Flint sees just what an amazing leader Brock has become and tells him to go on his own journey to become even greater. He'll stay home with the kids this time. Brock of course leaps at this chance and starts going down a list of his siblings likes and dislikes. Flint may just regret coming back home after all! He is doing the right thing though.

And so a new person joins in on Ash's own adventure to become a pokemon master!

Haha! Geodude is awesome to lift weights around!

Overall Thoughts: It's good to be back doing this again. Here's to hoping for more "regularish" postings! Screaming METAPOD METAPOD at the bf during the samurai episode was very VERY fun for some reason.

Boyfriends Overall Thoughts: Well... I still don't know why we are watching Pokemon...

~~~Guess that Pokemon answers~~~



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Super Milestone Post 1000 After 3 Years

Yup I'm 3 years old now.

Written 1000 posts... Yeah I know most of my posts are small shitty ones.

Almost reached 2000 comments... Will YOU be the lucky one?

Made it through 300 school uniforms... 66 more to go.

I'm sure there's a few other stats I could tell you but I'm lazy and don't want to do that kind of work. I think it's interesting that all these milestones are happening at pretty much the SAME TIME. So weird... I don't really have much else to say on this matter so I'll use the rest of this post to blabber on about my future ideas on what direction I'll be going towards bloggy wise.

School Uniforms:

Honestly this was a dumb idea... In my mind I had a great plan for this but like most of my ideas when I actually put it out there it sucks. At least the characters one was a hit! But maybe that's cause I was "new" to blogging too... I don't blame anyone for not giving a crap about these posts (except for GLO (who has taken shinmaru's spot being the #1 commenter here) because he's awesome and wants to sex uniforms) because honestly neither do I and it totally shows... I haven't decided if I'm going to keep going with this project after this year is done but we'll jump over that idea when 2014 comes rolling along since I'm taking 2013 off! I wonder what 365 anime things I could look at next time? If there will be a next time!

By the way if there are any school uniforms that I haven't done yet that you'd like to see me "cover" now is the time to tell me! There's only 66 left! If you are a blogger yourself and wish to write a post on a uniform that I haven't done yet do contact me! I'm totally opened to guest posts!

SPACE Poyo makes me so happy~

List of episodic stuff that will keep going "strong":

  • Poyopoyo - I WAS up to date but when I realized I was reaching post #1000 I put it on the back burner again so this post could take the honourable spot. No anime makes me quite as happy as Poyo does for my anime cat needs. POYO FOREVER!
  • Gakkatsu - I like thinking and talking about the strange questions that this show asks for some reason. It is also great that the subber for this show is as slow as I am when it comes to releases! <3 you 8C!
  • Chibi Devi! - In the new year I plan on catching up with this show. I think I'll pick a month and try to do a post a day for it or something... How is it still going...? I like it alright but seriously now why?
  • High Score - So short I have to finish it or I fail some kind of blogging thing I'm sure...
  • Gon - I slacked on this one but I'm determined to give the little dinosaur some love. I'll be doing some manga posts for it too since I have acquired volumes 1-5!
  • Wooser - Random and fun! (kinda hope it only goes on for a season though)


I don't want to make any more silly promises anymore when it comes to Toriko. I DO want to do something more with it blogging wise still but I'm really slow when it comes to keeping up with a 20 minute show blogging episodically apparently. Being so far behind on it doesn't help matters either. I do have a plan in place for some one off Toriko posts but I don't know when I'll get to it yet.

Pokemon! Workout workout workout!

Super fun projects that chii loves to bits:

  • Cooking With Oishii Anime - I plan on picking up the pace for these posts. I wanna get one out at least once a month. I wanted once a week but seriously now it's me we're talking about here. I'll have a yummy soup or 2 for you in the next few weeks and a muffin is planned for next week! Look forward to it!
  • Anime Snack of the Week - This will re-start next year when I'm done those pesky uniform posts. I'll try harder to actually get one out each week too...
  • Pokemon Workout - HOLY SHIT GUYS! After exactly 2 years I'm bringing this back! Post coming next week! SERIOUSLY!

Video Games:

So I've been tossing this idea around for a while since Digibro suggested I start reviewing or talking about them on here or whatever. Video games are another interest of mine so ehhh why not! Especially if a few people will actually take some interest. I for sure plan on covering the following franchises in "chii depth" at some point. I'm totally welcome to suggestions too!

  • Final Fantasy
  • Resident Evil
  • Dark Cloud
  • Zelda
  • Silent Hill
  • Dynasty Warriors and Friends
  • Heroes of Might and Magic
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Mass Effect
  • Lego Games
  • THAT Games
  • Mario Stuff
  • Games that have anime (Valkyria Chronicles, Star Ocean, Devil May Cry, Persona, Ys, Disgaea, Pokemon, Hakuouki, .hack, Tales of... and so on)
  • And of course a bunch of one title games that I don't care to list right now

December Madness:

  • 12 Days of Christmas - Always super fun to write these and read everyone's too! Posts start December 14-25
  • Not so Secret Santa - 7 lucky people were chosen at random yet again this year! Was it you? Reviews posted December 19-25
  • Reverse Thieves Secret Santa - Hopefully I'll get 3 I haven't seen this time. Reviews posted December 23-25
  • Anime-Planet's Secret Santa - Why not have one more anime to watch?! Review posted December 25 MAYBE!
  • 2012 Anime - 4 posts of all anime that aired this year. Posts start December 28-31

Maybe I should do MAL's Secret Santa too but have that person give me a hentai! looooooooool

So umm yeah! Wooo 3 years and here's to still being around and doing stuff. Frequency of posting still may vary since my wrist issue has never really gone away and I don't think it'll ever go fully away at this point. Also since I plan on doing all this awesome stuff the blog might get a makeover sometime soon. Haven't fully decided what will change yet but suggestions are welcome for that too. Do let me know!

Love you guys!~ <3

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Day 2 of Pokemon Workout! Two more in the Group

Guess that Pokemon Episode 3

~~~Guess that Pokemon answers at the end of this post!~~~

Day 2!

There would have been a workout session on the weekend but my boyfriend left for the weekend to go out of town. Since we are doing it together I didn't feel right watching an awesome episode of Pokemon without him! Even though I'm sure he wouldn't have cared. But I insisted that he needed to know if Ash could catch another Pokemon or not!

We decided on only one episode for todays workout since his back is hurting him a little for some reason and well mine is in worse condition since Friday. I think Thursdays workout might have been a little too much. My abs area was sore 2 days after it which I expected but my back pain moved into my leg worse than normal. I do think that the weather highly effected that as well though.

Biking was done for all of the bf's workout while I did just the 10 minutes again. I did some fun ball crunches along with normal ones. Also managed some of those stretches that help relieve my back pain only when I do them. I kind of wish I could be in those positions all the time because I really don't remmeber what it is like to be pain free.

If only he actually had to battle to capture his first Pokemon...

Episode 3 - Ash Catches a Pokémon

Surprise! Ash actually catches a new Pokemon! 2 to be exact actually. Unlike his failure in episode 2. Misty keeps following Ash even though she hates his new bug Pokemon, Caterpie. I can understand how she is afraid of bugs but this is a Pokemon! Not quite the same thing as a normal bug in my opinion. I do suppose a bigger bug equals more fear. I'm not overly afraid of bugs myself but I can relate to being afraid of something small and squirmy *looks at mice and cries*.

Yay another one!

When a Pidgeotto appears Ash sees another chance to capture a new Pokemon but without thinking he sends out poor Caterpie to fight it. I mean really? Logically most people know birds eat bugs! RIGHT?! So why or how he expects Caterpie to win against a Pidgeotto is beyond me. All I can think is poor little Caterpie while I watch him get beaten up till Pikachu finally steps in and shocks that bird. Ash was able to capture it at that point making his Pokemon total a whole 3 now. I'm glad Misty chewed Ash out for trying to get the bird Pokemon with a bug one. What a dumb-ass.

Pokemon chat under the moonlight. Romantic?

Pikachu and Caterpie decide to chat on a tree stump while Ash and Misty sleep through the night. I can only assume Caterpie is upset that he has not evolved as fast as he would like. We see a Butterfree sparkling through the moonlight sky and poor Caterpie gets tear filled eyes. Pokemon have dreams too! While this scene was cute, it was WAY too long. I did laugh when Pikachu actually looked like he was PIKAing to the audience watching like we should help motivate Caterpie or something.

I love the puff of smoke.

I would not want to wake up to them either.









After this small win and a rest, it's time for everyone's favourite Team Rocket to appear. I'm annoyed with their speech already but I do enjoy how their silly moves change around slightly each time while saying it. The background for this one was amusing. Not too sure why it was so dark though. Maybe to show how much "bad guys" they really are! XD

I actually really like this shot of them.

Team Rocket once again tries to capture Pikachu but to everyones surprise Caterpie comes to the rescue, kicks their butts, and ends up evolving at the end of the episode right before Misty was about to accept him. That little Caterpie sure is a determined little bug! Instead of an actual ED this time we got to see the Pokerap! I totally forgot how cheesy it was.. Honestly I did forget that it even existed.


😮 😮









Overall Thoughts: I don't like how much I'm hurting after today's one episode and really want to do more tomorrow but we'll see how I feel in the morning. 😐

Boyfriends Overall Thoughts: "There better not be a 'Pokerap' at the end of all the rest of the episodes."

~~~Guess that Pokemon answers~~~


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