365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 365/365 President Aria Pokoteng

Day 365/365

President Aria Pokoteng

From the anime Aria, President Aria Pokoteng is an Aqua cat that is the mascot for Aria Company. Cats on Aqua have been bred to be as intelligent as humans, though they cannot speak. Blue eyed cats are considered lucky which is why all companies have them hanging around and give them the title President for their companies.

Why I like him: He was hilarious! I'm in love with this giant ball of fluff that is suppose to be super smart! I love the way it interacted with all the other Presidents and that he was actually in love with one. At first I had no idea he was actually a cat but when I look at him more and more I totally see it. As weird of a kitty he may be he is completely adorable to me.

Why I hate him: I can't hate him. He made an UNWATCHABLE show watchable!

Overall: I don't care what anyone says. The cats are the best thing about Aria. It's just too bad I can't stomach the show enough to watch more seasons. But I honestly don't see that as a huge loss since looking at pictures of dear President is enough for me.


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