Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 52 END

I'm too emotional to write about this episode... So I'm going to leave all these pictures here instead... WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THE END?!?!?! oi... I'm still hoping for more next week........

Poyo defends Moe from a dog trying to steel her ice cream!

They fight off into the bushes!








Poyo never returns from those bushes so Moe looks everywhere nearby for Poyo!


Hey guys Poyo is...









Everyone is now looking for Poyo!

Moe gets more and more...

Distressed about the missing Poyo...








Night falls and they still haven't found Poyo ;__;

After his fight, Poyo ended up on a truck and was dropped off far away. He is lonely and misses Moe very much!





POYO NOOO!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?! ;____;

Moe sings the fluffy song while the others...

Keep looking for Poyo in the pouring rain.








Poyo hears her song and comes running.

Moe looks up and is overjoyed!

REUNITED AT LEAST!!! ^____________^

Well that was a sad episode to end the series on... Totally cried my eyeballs out... Guess I should update that bawl list of mine or something... At least Poyo was found in the end!!! It's never a fun thing for a family when a pet goes missing for a day or 2!



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Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 51

The Round End of Year... I don't like the sound of that title! But it is the end of the year in real life too! This year certainly did fly by fast. Having Poyo by my side all year long was a great treat!

Monk on the move!!

Moe apparently likes to get things all cleaned up in the house at the end of the year. I personally like to do that in the spring part of "spring cleaning" End of the year is for PARTY!!

Cleaning cleaning lalalala!

Moe and Poyo both like to chase after food. One is definitely more delicious and not gross than the other! I'll let you decide which one!










I've never had a lemon bath before but seeing everyone take one this episode kinda makes me wanna try it. I think smelling like a lemon could be fun too. I wonder if my cat would dislike the smell like Poyo just happens to as well?

Lemon bath woooo!

Poyo thinks they smell bad!








HAHAHAHA that nose!!

Poyo likes old men! Poyo is a cat after my own heart! He should watch some Mini Oyaji with me sometime! But... Poyo might just eat the little guy instead...

YAY adorable old drunk men!

Poyo sees spirits again!

I wonder what my first dream of the year will be... Why didn't they show us what Poyo dreamt of?!

Mountain climbing!

OoOoO Eagle!

Eggplant Kurobe!






Happy New Year to Everyone!!

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On the Eleventh Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Eleven Poyopoyo Moments

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me,
Eleven Poyopoyo Moments,
Ten Delicious Openings & Endings,
Nine Let Downs,
Eight Food Shots,
Seven Pretty Cure Titles,
Six Underrated Shows,
(Twenty)Five Years of Final Fantasy,
Four Video Game Feels,
Three Idol Shows,
Two Amazing Cartoons,
and The Best Boots in All of Anime


It is hard to choose just 11 awesome Poyopoyo moments but here they are!












BONUS! 11 Favourite episodes I blogged!

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Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 50


Poyopoyo has made it to 50 episodes and is still going strong! Here's to another 50!! I HOPE! I kinda wish that episode 50 was a bit more awesome than it turned out but that's probably because the SPACE Poyo starting picture got my hopes up for more SPACE Poyo action. Enjoy!

Poyo travels the lands!

Poyo likes to rest in the shade.


Poyo continues to travel the lands.

Kurobe needs help!

Poyo kicks some ally cat ass!

Kurobe loves Poyo!








All the ladies LOVE Poyo!

50 POYO!


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Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 49

Don't drool on the dinosaur!!

*flops* Hide's not feeling so hot it seems.








Who knew that staying up all night reading manga would make one sick!

I don't think reading can make you sick honestly. But staying up all night a lot can I guess. Your body needs proper rest after all!

Green onions up your butt or wrapped around your neck... WHAT THE???


Under the covers

Poyo beds everywhere!







Pets are awesome to have around when you are stuck in bed sick. They'll snuggle up next to you and be like a little hot water bottle that you never have to change the water for! I think they also wish to help nurse you back to health. OR maybe they just like to have company sleeping around all day... Maybe stealing YOUR warmth too instead of giving you theirs!


Moe stumbles upon the manga... She's doomed!

Uh oh! Moe didn't you learn from Hide what'll happen?

Butt or neck?? lol.....

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