Wooser no Sono Higurashi 10

Wooo more mecha Wooser....      -________- yeah I'm tired of this gag already.

Oh noes what will they do?!

But the girls turning into magical girls to defeat mecha Wooser was quite something. Too bad we only got to see one transformation because that transformation was SO AWESOME! Animation budgets suck sometimes.













Awesome shot is awesome.

Even more awesome shot is even more AWESOME!









After mecha Wooser is defeated we get a small cut with everyone walking in the rain. They find a turtle and snail and wonder about their relationship for some reason. LOL! Then they wish to take a break from all the walking to get out of the rain. Understandable because walking in the rain does take up a lot of energy if you are trying to stay dry. Must be all that hard work of holding up an umbrella!

Wooser suddenly rants that adults always say they are going to take breaks but never really do. I'm not sure what he's getting at here but in a way this is true. You really don't rest or break unless you are sleeping! Even then that's debatable.

Friends or a couple?! 😀 (or potential SNACK?)

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Wooser no Sono Higurashi 09

Wooo Steins;Gate!

Ok these spoof intro's that Wooser does before the OP have become my favourite part of this show. Aside from trying to figure out what a Wooser is of course. I know he's a giant pervert that's about it!


I'd join

Wooser rambles on about superheroes and secret societies for a bit which should have interested me but it didn't. I did enjoy those 2 awesome Wooser inspired signs though.

Soy Sauce!

Ponzu Sauce!

Yakiniku Sauce!






Prepared for nomnom time!

Don't think I'd wanna eat a Wooser... Love that robot!








A Wooser meal is important. Especially a BBQ! Thinking about it just makes my mouth water right now... Especially for some Yakiniku! OH DELICIOUS MEAT!

Random "Take good care of your teeth!" message... I hate teeth...

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Wooser no Sono Higurashi 08


Lazy weekends are what the working man looks forward to. Or the school kid! I'm not in either of these groups but unlike Wooser I kinda do feel bad about doing nothing all day... One day I'll be back out there! One day...

Ohh those lazy weekends~

Can't have an episode of Wooser without talking about one of his fetishes now can we? School uniforms is what BEAM WOOSER needs! Who better to defeat BEAM WOOSER than a mecha called WOOSER BUSTER! Stay tuned next week to see if BEAM WOOSER is defeated! Maybe?


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Wooser no Sono Higurashi 07

Star Driver reference? Why? LOL! Random but I'm down with that kind of randomness.

Galactic Pretty Animal!

Wooser wants to be a bug so he can be on girls uniforms and not get smacked around... Ok then... I'm sure a lot of other perverts have wishes like this too. You know... So they can get off and not be judged for their perverted side! haha... I didn't really get the lion bath scene but well... LEG FANSERVICE! Whenever I have a bath I seriously stick my leg up like she did and think fanservice... XD

Oh what a Wooser perv...


Wooser has this problem a lot... Cute lion though!








I totally agree with Wooser that sunflowers are creepy motherfuckers. They just stand there. Not sit because they are HUGE! But yes they stand there and look down upon you with their giant petals and millions of eye seeds! Silently judging you... Talking about you to their sunflower buddies and butterfly friends... Never trust either a butterfly or a sunflower!

"Smiling" Sunflowers...

Sunflowers are terrifying!

Run Wooser run!!

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Wooser no Sono Higurashi 06

The Wooser is not here jokes are getting pretty old at this point. Maybe I just don't find that kind of humour funny... Unless Gintama does it that is!


The pervy side of Wooser comes out once more with the girls at the beach. I don't really know any girls that would be thrilled with some "dude" shouting out their measurements... I do however enjoy that the girls look like real anime girls in this episode and not whatever they normally look like. What they normally look like it ok and all but their adorable factor goes up when they are drawn as "real" anime girls for sure. Too bad it's all just fanservice for Wooser though...







Erm K?

SO wasn't ready for this "beam" part at the end! One must seriously be ready for complete randomness when a Wooser is involved though! It was the best part of the episode anyway! GAOOOO~


Apparently beam means robot Wooser!

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