Days of Anime School Uniforms: 319/366 Yes! Pretty Cure 5


Yes! Pretty Cure 5 my second favourite Pretty Cure but my favourite school uniforms in the franchise.

If you haven't figured it out yet I really like purple. So it should be no surprise that these turned out to be my favourite. Lovely short purple long sleeved jackets with a really nice paler purple for the jumper skirt. They have very cool trim on them and the red bow tie rounds everything off very nicely. There's even a little red school crest on there but it's barely visible half the time so it doesn't bother me at all.

Overall: I'll wear everything!!! Especially Cure Mint!

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Pretty Cure Uniform Week

Title says it all! Yay week of PreCure awesomeness!

Yay for awesome crossovers!

  1. Pretty Cure
  2. Pretty Cure Splash Star
  3. Yes! Pretty Cure 5
  4. Fresh Pretty Cure
  5. Heartcatch Pretty Cure
  6. Suite Pretty Cure
  7. Smile Pretty Cure


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