365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 25/365 Yusuke Ono

Day 25/365

Yusuke Ono

From the anime Antique Bakery, Yusuke Ono is a talented patissier. He's known because of his "Demonic Charm". Whenever he is attracted to a man, that man — whether gay or straight — suddenly becomes irresistibly attracted to him in return. His coworkers will begin to fight over him, and Ono will wind up fired because a bakery can't work with it's employees fighting over another.

Why I like him: Cause of his "Demonic Charm" of course. Very funny watching straight men suddenly fall head over heals for another man. He is always there to give very good advice to anyone that needs it as well.

Why I hate him: He didn't take lightly to Tachibana's refusal of him. He threw himself into a gay bar and became a lover for many men. Kinda whoreish if you ask me. 😛 (then again that's kinda hot too) This is how he discovered his "Demonic Charm".

Overall: Ono adds more flavour to an already delicious story.


The boys of Antique Bakery

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